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“If you’re looking to learn as much as you can about All On 4 dental implants, you’ll love this guide.”

The Complete Guide to All On 4 Dental Implants

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This is content you will not find anywhere else on the internet. This content is written and produced by Dr. Reza Khazaie, DDS, founder of Willow Pass Dental Care, the leading dentist in Concord, CA.

Dr. Reza Khazaie is a nationally known prosthodontist who is regarded amongst his peers and patients as the smile expert. Dr. Khazaie is an expert on the specialized treatment of dental and facial problems that involve restoring missing teeth and jaw structures. He is a highly trained specialist in dental cosmetics, dental implants such as the All On 4® treatment concept, bridges, dentures, implant-supported dentures, dental crowns, porcelain veneers, Ectodermal Dysplasia, TMJ/TMD, and many more dental procedures.

So if you’re looking to learn as much as you can about All On 4 dental implants, you’ll love this guide.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

What Are All On 4 Dental Implants?

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The All On 4 dental treatment concept originated in 1988 when Dr. Paulo Malo successfully treated the first patient with what has become known as the All On 4® dental implant treatment concept. Since then there have been over 3,500 dentists across the United States, including our own, Dr. Reza Khazaie, DDS of Willow Pass Dental Care who have followed in Dr. Malo’s footsteps. They are highly trained dental specialists who have devoted themselves to mastering dental restorations and facial problems that involve restoring missing teeth and jaw structures with treatments such as the All On 4® dental treatment concept, dental implants, crowns, bridges, dentures, TMJ/TMD, and many more.

They are known as Prosthodontists.

Prosthodontists – The Architects
of the Smile

Prosthodontists are dentists who specialize in the field of Prosthodontics. They are often referred to as the “architects of the smile.”  They are highly trained dental specialists who have devoted years to additional specialty training to become dental restoration specialists (Prosthodontists) and are often referred to as the “quarterback” of the dental team in executing the treatment plan, such as the All On 4  treatment concept.

The All On 4® treatment concept is the best solution in the marketplace for full-arch treatment using tilted implants. There are many imitation treatment concepts in the marketplace that try to compete or compare to the All On 4 treatment concept but none have the scientific documentation to back up the groundbreaking innovation of the All-On-4.

Characteristics of
All On 4 Dental Implants

The characteristics of the All-On-4 treatment concept are what makes it popular for those who seek to restore their smile.

It is cost-efficient compared to conventional dental implants

Conventional dental implants can be two to three times more costly. The All On 4 treatment concept has been refined using technological advances with its full-arch rehabilitation using only four implants. Unlike conventional implants, in which each dental prosthetic requires its own implant, the All On 4 dental treatment concept replaces an entire arch (16 teeth) with only four implants. Implants are strategically embedded, two straight anterior implants in the front and two implants in the rear that are tilted at 45-degree angles, in order to take advantage of areas that naturally contain more bone. These four implants support a prosthetic bridge, or arch, upon which artificial teeth are attached.

It is a graftless solution

When bone depth is inadequate for a conventional implantation procedure, a bone grafting procedure will be necessary. Bone grafts add cost and recovery time and can be quite invasive. The All On 4 treatment concept avoids a grafting procedure in most instances since the posterior implants are installed at a 45-degree angle. The healing process from a bone graft can take 3 months or longer. The All On 4 treatment concept eliminates this entire ordeal for most patients and allows you to leave surgery with a full set of new teeth!

You get a smile in a day!

With the All On 4 dental implant treatment approach, our patients often receive a brand new smile in just a single day. This is the beauty of a streamlined implantation procedure in which only four implants per arch are necessary. Due to the advances in technology teeth are often fabricated while Dr. Khazaie and his dental team of specialists are preparing your mouth and jaw. This leads to returning to full-functionality and a beautiful smile before you leave Willow Pass Dental Care.

All On 4 Dental Implants can last a lifetime

The All On 4 dental implant can often last a lifetime. They won’t accidentally fall out and they look completely natural. More importantly, the All-On-4 treatment concept contributes to improving your health by preventing underlying jaw bone loss or bone absorption.

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Getting Started with
All On 4 Dental Implants

Deciding on All On 4 dental implants is exciting but potentially confusing. On the one hand, All On 4 dental implants are simple in principle: only four implants support an entire arch of brand new teeth. However, the process of obtaining dental implants can often be confusing. To remove the confusion to the process following are some steps patients should take before the actual All On 4 implant operation, placement, and fitting. This preoperative process is essential for determining the overall success of any All On 4 treatment procedure.

One of the biggest draws of All On 4 dental implants is the speedy execution and implementation. Many patients can receive load-bearing prosthetics in just a single sitting. The entire All On 4 surgical procedure, from start to finish, can often be accomplished in one day. Of course, before receiving All On 4 dental implants patients will often undergo a preliminary evaluation to determine their suitability for the procedure. This critical process includes evaluating a patient’s aesthetic and functional needs and desires, a physical examination, and, if necessary, preoperative and preparatory work.

While the ability to produce a beautiful set of brand new teeth for our patients in just a single day is technically impressive, there are essential preliminary steps we recommend to our patients for health-safety and quality control reasons. It is our goal at Willow Pass Dental Care to provide not only a seamless and comfortable patient experience, but also achieve perfect results.

That’s why preparation is essential.


Full Mouth Reconstruction

Dr. Khazaie restored Mahin’s lovely smile with an implant and a full mouth reconstruction.

The Initial Steps to
All On 4 Dental Implants

1. Initial Consultation

A vital first step in every patient All On 4 journey is an initial consultation. Think of it as a mutual interview to determine the goals and objectives as well as to bond between the doctor and patient.

Remember, we consider each and every one of our All On 4 patients to be like our extended dental family. That means that we’ll be there for you from the very beginning of the All-On-4 procedure through the life of the prosthesis.

The initial consultation is a good opportunity for our customers to get to know our doctors and staff, to review options, to determine any potential obstacles, and to provide answers to all questions.

2. Professional Oral Examination

The initial consultation is typically followed up with a thorough professional medical examination. While the initial consultation is primarily intended for our patients to get to know us and to express their wants and desires, the oral examination allows us to get to know our patients existing oral and dental conditions. Understanding existing conditions is critical for developing a personalized treatment plan unique to each patient. The professional examination also gives our doctors the information they need to design an All On 4 plan that will produce the best results.

An important component of the oral examination consists of diagnostic imaging including x-rays and 3D computed tomography (CT Scan) scans. The data produced will directly impact the patient’s individualized treatment plans and help guide the planning and execution of the implantation process.

3. Obtain digital mockups

With specialized imaging technology and in-house fabrication equipment, it is possible, based on the information obtained during the initial consultation and professional exam to produce digital or physical mock-ups of each patient’s individual All On 4 prosthetic.

Mock-ups allow patients to visualize what their new teeth will look like and give both the patient and the doctor an opportunity to evaluate options and if necessary make adjustments.

During the process, dental impressions and oral scans may be required.

Mockups also provide our team with a quick, cost-effective way to visualize a patient’s All On 4 dental implants and improve the treatment plan before execution.

4. Pre-operative work

In some patients, preparatory dental work may be necessary before receiving All On 4 dental implants. Pre-operative work can include a bone graft, dental extractions of remaining teeth, cleaning of extraction sites, and preparation of the underlying bone to receive implants.

Edentulous patients will likely not need to undergo extensive preoperative work.

Pre-operative Planning is the Key to Successful All On 4 Dental Implants

Willow Pass Dental Care can provide All On 4 dental implants in a single day, including planning, execution, and final fitting.

However, it is important to emphasize the importance of pre-operative planning in the overall success of an All On 4 procedure. We don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to the preparatory stage. An implant that is placed even the slightest bit out of place or off-axis can result in a failed implementation. In-depth preoperative planning allows Dr. Khazaie and the team of doctors to plan precisely how and where each implant will be located to maximize the strength and stability of the All On 4 prosthesis.

These four steps will remove any confusion and ensure that our patients receive a seamless, comfortable All On 4 experience with beautiful results.

All On 4 Is An Affordable
Long-Term Investment

When it comes to costs, the All On 4 dental implant procedure can be very affordable.
When budgeting for a dental procedure, patients should be careful to consider not only the cost of the procedure but also the associated expenses, such as follow-up appointments, maintenance, repairs and replacements, auxiliary procedures, as well as productive time lost during recovery.

This approach is known as the Life Cycle Cost (LCC).

Many patients make the unfortunate mistake of comparing only the “sticker price” for tooth replacement strategies while forgetting or neglecting the associated long-term costs.
When it comes to choosing the best teeth-replacement strategy, this can be a costly mistake.
For example, some patients hesitate in considering the All On 4 or traditional dental implants due to comparing price head-to-head with other procedures like acrylic dentures. They fail to recognize that acrylic dentures must be replaced fairly regularly, sometimes as often as every two or three years, while a properly executed implant procedure can provide a beautiful permanent solution that can last a lifetime.

After a few rounds of replacing ill-fitting, uncomfortable acrylic dentures, many patients will agree that dental implants start to make a lot of financial sense.

Similarly, a patient could be tempted to opt for inexpensive implants from a cut-rate dental clinic or chain. Failing to consider that, should the implant fail due to improper placement or poor execution by the dentist due to a lack of experience, skill, or both, the costs of reparative dental work could end up costing the patient far more than they would have initially saved.
When considering the life cycle costs, the All-On-4 dental implants are a great long-term solution for a long-term problem: replacing natural teeth with permanent, functional replacement teeth that can last a lifetime.

Look at your teeth like an investment that, while more expensive in the short-term, pays off richly over time with quality teeth, a beautiful smile, and a healthy, enhanced and vibrant lifestyle.

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Advantages of All On 4
Dental Implant Treatment

1. A cost-effective solution

Your new replacement teeth require only four dental implants for each jaw.
With fewer dental implants required, the cost is lowered.

Prices for cosmetic dentistry procedures are determined by several factors such as quality of final restorations, type of anesthesia patient prefers for surgery, whether bone grafting is necessary, and if there are teeth that need to be removed.

At Willow Pass Dental Care we work with our patients to help design the best smile within a patient’s budget.

The All On 4 provides flexibility in price based primarily on the quality and grade of the final restorations. Also, due to the more efficient and less time-consuming nature of the All On 4 procedure, treatments for full mouth reconstruction often cost significantly less than similar processes executed with conventional individual implants.

The reasons for this are simple.

First as previously mentioned, All On 4 dental implants require fewer implants and, therefore, less surgical intervention, less of the doctor or surgeon’s time, and less recovery time.
Second, All On 4 dental implants only require four (4) implants per arch or a total of eight (8) implants for complete teeth replacement. In comparison, conventional individual implants for a similar full mouth reconstruction would require a staggering 32 implants or four times as many implants.

Furthermore, with a traditional approach, each tooth not only requires it’s very own implant, but it also needs its own crown.

Once the costs of performing 32 individual implants have been tallied up, the number far exceeds what one could expect from All On 4 dental implants.

On the flip side, All On 4 dental implants will also cost much more than the average denture.
Dentures require no surgery and can often be mass-produced with minimal customizability. However, dentures do not come close to providing the same benefits that implant-based teeth replacement solutions offer.

2. Reduced surgical scope

Many patients, whether for health reasons or just out of a concern for safety, prefer to reduce and limit invasive surgery as much as possible.

All On 4 dental implants provide a full-mouth replacement solution with as little intervention as possible.
Rather than penetrate the tissue and bone of the mouth for each tooth, the All On 4 treatment dramatically reduces the number of implants necessary. That means less surgery and, as a result, less pain and discomfort.

Also, All On 4 dental implants allow most patients to skip bone grafts altogether.

3. Reduced need for bone grafting

Dental implants must be firmly anchored into the underlying jawbone and allowed to osseointegrate to be successful.

As a result, patients that lack adequate jaw bone depth, density, or overall bone health must first undergo a bone grafting procedure before receiving individual implants.

Bone grafts require that bony material to be removed from one part of the patient’s body, typically the hips, and placed underneath the soft tissues where jaw bone depth is considered inadequate.
The grafted bone is then allowed to heal and osseointegrate to provide a firm foundation for future implants.

As one would imagine, a graft procedure is a major surgical intervention in itself.
Recovery from a grafting procedure can take two weeks to as long as three months depending on the severity of the bone loss in the jaw.With All On 4 dental implants, patients can often skip bone grafts altogether.

With an All On 4 treatment, four implants per arch are strategically located in areas of the mouth where the bone is naturally deeper and denser. Two are located in the front of the jaw while two more are located in the rear of the jaw.

One of the groundbreaking innovations of the All On 4 treatment plan was to angle the rear implants to take advantage of naturally deeper and denser bone in the back of the mouth.

When combined with an All On 4 bridge, these four implants provide the support and stability necessary for a full set of brand new teeth.