Patient Testimonials

Our caring dentists and staff endeavor to make every visit a great experience for all of our patients. Read below to see what our patients are saying about their experience at Willow Pass Dental Care.

“Willow Pass Dental is great. So much so, that my husband and I who live in Napa, and my son in American Canyon,  drive there for our dental needs.  We have seen several of the staff there, Dr. Khazai, Dr. Khan and in the past, Dr. Lavorini.  They are flexible, caring, non judgmental and helpful.  The support and office staff are professional, friendly and do everything they can with accuracy and speed.  Overall, the entire office is smoothly run, clean, and a positive place to get our dental services. We’ve been patients there since, I believe, 2007 when my son’s local dentist referred him for a root canal.  Once he went there, he switched his selected provider to Willow Pass and we followed as well.  Love them and will continue to use them without hesitation!”

Paula F. | 5-star Yelp review | Nov. 16, 2022

“Dr. Reza and staff were awesome – thank you for taking good care of me throughout my 5 hour procedure.”

Mike B. | 5-star Google review | Oct. 26, 2022

“Clean office environment. Administrative staff able to help with all insurance inquiries. Very satisfied with dental cleaning and exams. Excellent crown done by Dr. Khan.”

Juanita B. | 5-star Google review | Oct. 5, 2022

“Dr. Khazaie and his staff were absolutely marvelous!! I can’t recommend a better dental care service and dentist anywhere. We had a nightmare of a dental implant through another dental office and after three years of that dental office unable to do the process correctly, we had no choice but to find another dental office.  Dr. Khazaie’s office was a godsend and an absolute miracle!  I can’t thank them enough and recommend them highly for anybody in need of dental care!!”

Jack B. | 5-star Yelp review | Sept. 12, 2022

“A five star rating is not enough!! My wife was in the emergency room with a dental emergency. I called Willow Pass Dental Care at almost 11pm, while still in the ER. Doctor Khan called me and was VERY reassuring. We were called into the office as a priority. My wife needed additional work requiring an Endodontist.

The staff, instead of having me try to find an Endodontist, took charge and helped my wife secure an appointment for the same day!! I thank Mariah for her spectacular work in getting my wife the appointment. And also Cynthia for her extraordinaire empathy and care for my wife. They both also were VERY reassuring to me as well.”

Aaron C. | 5-star Google review | July 15, 2022

“Very pleased that I found this place! Dr. Reza is the best! Everyone there is very professional and friendly! Would highly recommend!!!!” 

Tammi J. | Facebook review | June 14, 2022

 VeryWould Highly recommen!!!

“I wish my first dentist visit took place here at Willow Pass. Then I would never get dentophobia and I would have much better teeth. The overall experience was very pleasant. From reception, nurses to doctors, everyone was professional and friendly. My deep cleaning with Carol was so comfortable that felt like a massage. Strongly recommend!”

Zilong L. | 5-star Google review | May 12, 2022

“This place is a godsend. I was in a very bad place anxiety-wise following a traumatic experience getting crowns from a provider at an alternate location. Mind you, I never had dental fears before! But I had been uncomfortable with a crooked bite for weeks, unable to eat food properly. After missing a lot of time from work I was worried that I would continue having to lose hours (and continue having to suffer multiple novacaine shots per week) to fix the previous dentist’s errors. But Dr. and his support staff are so understanding, welcoming, comforting, and knowledgeable. They helped me overcome my fears and got to the bottom of what was going on in my mouth in the very first appointment. They were able to get me in and out in the span of less than two hours (despite having to do significant work – during which I didn’t feel an OUNCE of pain) and upon leaving, my bite was immediately back to normal. They are angels and I don’t know what I would have done without them! They also have an in-house dental coverage plan to make treatment WAY more affordable.”

Heather D. | 5-star Yelp review | 4/20/2022

“Dr. 👨‍⚕️ Reza is so thoughtful and professional. His experience with implants is impressive and so is his kindness. He comes to say hi and give me a reassuring pat on the arm even when he’s not working on me, example: prophylaxis. His staff is warm and efficient. Can’t think what else there is to say about a good dentist!”

Susan FP | 5-star GOOGLE review | 4/1/2022

“Willow Pass Dental Care is superior to most dental offices. Dr. Reza and his team was amazing at caring for me. They are great at scheduling appointments to meet patient needs. They are kind, caring and patient. The team is professional and patient needs are always priority. This office is great! Many kudos to Cynthia.”

Constance M. | 5-star website review | 3/30/2022

“I just had an amazing experience at Willow pass Dental Care from the front desk being very welcoming to Dr. Reza helping me with the implant process to Dr. Khan making me feel comfortable knowing there were more options when I got denied the implant. Dr. Khan suggested a Marilyn bridge which looks like I never was missing a tooth in the first place. I highly recommend this place for any dental care you need. Thank you to all at Willow Pass Dental Care.”

Kelli C. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 3/16/2022

“Woke up with major pain and a horrible headache needed two wisdom teeth pulled. I called and got an appointment same day walked in The front desk staff was very friendly and communicative and explained everything before any procedures started. The dentist was a rockstar had both wisdom teeth pulled in less than five minutes and later that day I was pain free.”

Gerald B. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 3/11/2022

“I had a very bad trip and fall last Feb. The fall was so bad it fractured most of my upper teeth and broke the plate of my partial at the tooth. Dr. Khazaie explained everything they were going to do and today, I got my permanent upper implant plate. It looks and feels AMAZING. Hats off to Yvonne too who took great care of me…”

Bob B. | 5-star YELP review | 1/5/2022

“This is a beautiful place to go and get your teeth cleaned. Their bathroom is always clean and smells good. Fernando Estrada is a very competent, knowledgeable,  kind, gentle and honest hygienist. I have a lot of problems with my teeth. I have chronic clenching which has resulted to numerous chipping of my teeth, sensitivity, etc. Since he started cleaning my teeth, there have been improvements. He always starts with teeth education which is my favorite. I have learned a lot from him. Did you know your teeth will benefit from not rinsing your mouth with water after using tooth paste? After using sensodyn just spit and no rinse. I have seen a dentist for over 20yrs and no one has taught me this. He is a great hygienist. He is very gentle and I assure you will experience zero pain. My husband doesn’t like to go to dentist due to sensitive teeth. But after Luis cleaned his teeth he confirmed that he is gentle and knowledgeable. Just give him a try and you will buy me a lunch for this honest recommendation. All their receptionists are always friendly too. They smile even through the mask.”

Ann E. | 5-star YELP review | 12/14/2021

“Very very nice and friendly staff. Empathy is often required by a dental office, and they display it at every chance.”

Jeff M. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 11/14/2021

“Great dental care location. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. My wife, baby daughter, and I all get our dental checkups and cleanings here. They are very helpful with sorting out insurance and creating appointments. They send out helpful appointment reminders as well.”

Erik W. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 11/11/2021

“Been going here for years and I can honestly say any anxiety I used to have about the dentist is now gone because of this place. I typically only go in for an occasional cleaning and Nando is my go-to guy. He is by far one of the greatest hygienists and all-around people I’ve ever had the luck of interacting with. Super friendly, warm, and down to earth. Not only does he have an incredible bedside manner, but he’s very talented at making the cleaning as gentle and quick as possible. He’s a wonderful soul and I highly recommend him! The logistical staff are mostly very nice and professional as well, some of them make my day with their upbeat attitudes :)”

Cae R. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 10/17/2021

“My husband and I have been going to Dr. Reza for a few years now. He is a great dentist with patience and focused attention on our needs.  Staff is friendly and attentive. We are very happy with the service and the care they provide.”

Azedeh T. | 5-star YELP review | 10/10/2021

“The hygienist was professional, friendly, and rendered quality care at all times.”

Udori | 5-star GOOGLE review | 10/8/2021

“Best dental care in the Bay!”

Mazi G. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 9/15/2021

“My children and I have been going here for years!”

Corrine | 5-star GOOGLE review | 9/9/2021

“I had 4 teeth that needed to be removed and replaced in some way.  Of course, I was anxious about the pain and the cost.  After the teeth were removed with NO pain, Dr. Khazaie thoroughly and methodically explained that I had 3 options:  removable bridge, permanent bridge or implants.  When I expressed that I had no dental insurance, a cost adjustment was made on my total bill.  I chose the permanent bridge, and Dr. Khan proceeded from there.  The entire process was explained, done in an efficient and professional manner, and I had NO pain!!  The permanent bridge fits perfectly ~ with a couple of minor adjustments at the very beginning ~ and I told Dr. Khan that he was an “artist as a dentist.”  I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.

Mary A. | 5-star YELP review | 8/29/2021

“Friendly professionals as ever.”

James W. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 8/24/2021

“Have been a patient for years. Both Dr. Reza and Dr. Khan do fabulous work! Couldn’t be happier with the level of professionalism.”

Ani M. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 8/18/2021

“Very friendly all staff !! Always roomed on time and always gotten amazing service !!”

Jessica B. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 8/17/2021

“Thrilled with their service! Have had major treatment done at this office including root canals and crowns. I have had dental phobia my entire life but the staff and doctors at this office have found a way to make me feel comfortable. Dr. Kahn and Dr. Amanda spend a lot of time to explain the procedures in detail. Dr. Kahn has done a wonderful job on fixing my broken teeth with crowns and I couldn’t be more grateful for his patience and expertise. I will be returning to this office in the future!”

Derrick P. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 8/16/2021

“The staff was very friendly and attentive to me.”

Leland M. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 7/21/2021

“This was my first visit, and I was very nervous. The staff was so pleasant and welcoming my nervousness were minimized. Furthermore, my consultation experience with Dr. Reza made me feel confident in choosing Willow Pass Dental Care. I look forward to working with Dr. Reza and the staff.”

Nolita M. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 7/14/2021

“Dr. Reza and his staff at Willow Pass Dental Care are amazing. I’m not a big fan of dentists due to a ton of work being done during my adolescent life. I had been apprehensive to even visit for a routine cleaning. In fact, I put it off for way too long. But, I was referred to Dr. Reza by a close friend and decided to take the plunge. Dr. Reza’s staff was extremely welcoming as soon as I entered the office, during the consultation, and throughout the process. They were pleasant, professional, and thorough. Dr. Reza conveyed a knowledgeable, patient-focused and helpful approach when discussing options for some of my more dental challenges. I very much appreciate his approach and how efficient and again, kind, his staff was. I will be going back and recommending him to friends and family in the future.”

Dave C. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 7/5/2021

“I love going to the dentist. My teeth have never been happier.”

Dan D. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 6/16/2021

“I love this dental office. Everyone is friendly and they do GREAT work.”

Sheila W. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 6/5/2021

“I was a first-time patient recently at Willow Pass Dental. From the first phone call, to finishing a crown, every staff member was friendly, helpful and efficient.
They have up-to-date technology on everything. They were on time, and Nando the hygienist was fantastic!
Dr. Reza was gentle and fast.
Great experience for a “nervous Nellie”.
Thank you!”

Jan K. | 5-star YELP review | 6/5/2021

“So I’m not sure if they were just super nice initially so that they could lure me in and steal my kidneys, but this was hands down the most positive dentist experience I’ve had in my life. I haven’t been to the dentist in 4 years because all my life I’ve firmly believed that dentists were demons sent to help us understand what hell is like. BUT the Willow Pass Dental demons sure managed to keep it under wraps on my first visit. The demon hygienist (Nando) was caring, professional, and taught me a lot, and the head demon dentist I saw didn’t immediately make me wish I had instead been a target of the Spanish Inquisition. They even have a cool referral program so if you convert others to their brand of satanism, you get special benefits. They took lots of pictures of the oral warzone that is my mouth, and clearly explained everything. I have a follow-up appointment next week, and dare I say I’m looking forward to it?”

Jon M. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 5/14/2021

“The staff are absolutely amazing and I have no complaints.”

Kenneth J. | 5-star YELP review | 5/12/2021

“Wow, I just had the best cleaning. Luis did a GREAT job. Highly recommend!”

Bakhtiyar K. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 5/7/2021

“Top notch, very pleasant staff, and Doctors all seem to be very good and are kind.”

Jeff D. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 5/5/2021

“Front desk staff are awesome. Great teamwork. 😀  Very helpful and understanding.”

Mary L. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 5/3/2021

“This review is ten years overdue and should have been updated a couple few times since then. For about ten years, I have been driving 45 minutes from Napa (and paying the bridge toll on the return trip) to visit Willow Pass Dental Care because of Dr. Khazaie’s unwaveringly masterful work.

He and his technical staff have performed a variety of procedures on my behalf over the years, none of which has caused me more than a little discomfort and none where the discomfort was not gone by the next day. Because of his precise methods, healing has always occurred rapidly. At least twice, I have not been charged for an unexpected but necessary procedure or I have been billed at a lower insurance rate of insurance I didn’t possess.

In addition, Dr. Khazaie’s superior bedside manner is reflected all around him by his technical and administrative staff–relaxed but professional, genuinely upbeat, warm, friendly, well-informed, and good communicators–willing to listen, look into special concerns, and discuss the options available. Like Dr. Khazaie, the staff are exceptionally personable. I was referred to Dr. Khazaie during a period of compounded and sustained dental issues. I consider my relationship with his office to be among the best things that have happened to me, certainly in this time period. Photos of Dr. Khazaie’s international work with children on the website and decorating the walls of his office capture the truth of his heart and soul. You can’t go wrong in his care.”

Tim S. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 4/28/2021

“I was really happy with my visit on April 26th on Monday morning! I had initially set up an appointment a month in advance and they were very helpful with text and email reminders! I highly recommend their services! They have a great staff and the dentists there are amazing!! They do a thorough job and they educate you on dental hygiene. Even though I live in Oakland I don’t want to change at all! I love coming to this place!!”

Steven J. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 4/28/2021

“Willow Pass Dental has a friendly and competent staff. They practice safe hygiene techniques in the time of Covid-19.”

James T. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 4/23/2021

“I have been scared of the dentist all my life and today I got a root canal. I am so impressed with willow pass dental. They made me feel so relaxed and comfortable. I would definitely recommend them!”

Lupe V. | 5-star FACEBOOK review | 4/19/2021

“This is the best dentistry that I have been to. Everyone is very nice and understanding I am comfortable with whatever they have to do for my gums, teeth, and care. I have told all of my coworkers and hopefully they will give them a chance. The work they do is precise and it doesn’t take months to finish a project.”

Bernard J. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 4/8/2021

“I have been using Willow Pass Dental Care for many years. They have a wonderful, professional staff and the doctors are incredibly talented and utilize the latest techniques and equipment to provide us patients the best services for our money. Best of all, for those without insurance and/or those retired on a tight budget, WPDC also offers its own in-house insurance package comparable to the major dental insurance companies, for about a dollar a day. I know because I had it prior to my going on Medicare when I recently retired. With their in-house package, you can, if deemed necessary, get up to 6, yes 6 covered cleanings a year!! I had 3 covered per year due to my issues with plaque build-up and at 67 years old, my teeth are in great shape. Give them a try and you will not be disappointed.”

Paul R. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 4/7/2021

“Dr. Reza and staff at Willow Pass Dental Care are amazing. I had the all on 4 procedure done and it changed my life. Their professionalism and kindness guided me thru my procedure allowing me the complete feeling of total confidence. I will forever be grateful and would not hesitate to recommend Dr, Reza to anyone…”

Anne S. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 3/27/2021

“I always get such excellent and friendly care! I’ve been a patient for many years and I plan on many more.”

Lacey R. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 3/23/2021

“Everyone in the dental office has customer service skills that go beyond most places. You could not ask for a better experience anywhere. Everything is state of the art. Willow Pass Dental Care is at the top of the game.”

Rae K. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 3/19/2021

“Willow Pass Dental has been taking care of us for about 11 years. We had been going to a highly regarded private practice in Walnut Creek, but had to make a change due to retirement and insurance. Willow Pass/Dr. Reza turned out to be a good move. The practice was a real improvement and the personnel have been top notch. The hygienists have the best tools, skills, and personalities.”

Jack T. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 3/17/2021

“Dr. Khan placed 2 new veneers on my front teeth. They look so much better than my old ones! He is very meticulous. The color of the new veneers match my teeth perfectly and the shape is a huge improvement. If you’re looking for a Dr. who does great cosmetic dentistry, you can trust Dr. Khan!”

Carol S. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 3/17/2021

“Highly, highly recommended! Why? Ultra professional. Lovely atmosphere. Friendliest staff, and the most important thing they’ve rescued (accepted) me when I didn’t know where to go. That is why!! Best of health to all. Thank you!”

Vera W. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 3/16/2021

“Doctor Khazaie did an exceptional job for what was a very dreaded procedure. He made me feel comfortable and the whole thing went flawlessly. The whole staff there is friendly and kind. A+ for me. Thank you!”

Alexis H. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 3/13/2021

“The folks here try to do Covid dentistry safely. While not sure this is possible, they do distancing, masks until they need to get to your teeth, and temp. checks. The hygienist who helped me said she was vaccinated and dealt with a year’s worth of back-logged dental care with professionalism and kindness.”

Sterling B. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 3/10/2021

“I recently had to get a crown fixed. I’m always nervous at the dentist but I can say that I felt great with the dental hygienist that helped the teeth cleaning for me. He was incredibly nice talked to me the whole time so I was barely paying attention to what he was doing and left with a fabulous smile. When I got my crown replaced it was a quick easy process. I spent about an hour and a half total and that’s from the initial at numbing injection all the way to getting the crown placed in on my merry way. I highly recommend this office I had some issues with other dentist having to wait long periods of time between when I arrive and when I actually got into the room. This office is very on time I wait less 5 mins. 10/10 “

Sandy K. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 3/6/2021

“Had a good experience. Told them I couldn’t wear a mask, so I waited outside and they were nice enough to get me from outside when it was my turn.”

Simon B. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 3/4/2021

“I just had my dental cleaning appt. again at Willow Pass Dental. They are thoroughly professional and really know what they are doing. My needs have run the gamut: fillings, implant, crowns (which are 3D printed right there). I highly recommend them.”

Barbarah H. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 3/2/2021

“As usual, a great cleaning and staff!”

Kim L. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 3/1/2021

“You feel welcome and comfortable from the moment you walk in.  The office staff are wonderful and friendly.  And Dr. Reza, Dr. Taimur, and the rest of the dental staff are fantastic.  They are very easy to talk to, and they explain everything in an easy to understand, not scary, and upfront way.  And the prices are more than reasonable.  I’m having major work done to replace a broken bridge with implants.  I thought it would be super expensive, but it wasn’t at all.  I won’t be going to any other dentist ever again.”

Saoud A. | 5-star YELP review | 2/24/2021

“My crown broke on Sunday and I was devastated because it was my front tooth. I called Monday morning and received an appointment for the following day Tuesday. I went in at 9:00 am and was out by noon with a completely new beautiful new crown. I was amazed that they could do it all in house in a matter of hours. The staff was amazing and so nice. The doctor was one of the best I have ever dealt with. Fast, smooth and efficient. I highly recommend this dentist practice!”

Jill L. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 2/23/2021

“Dr. Khan provided an excellent, pain free experience along with a perfect outcome – a perfectly fitted crown that matches the shape of my bite. I could not be happier with my dental work!”

Louise S. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 2/9/2021

“The hygienist was just wonderful! Thank you!”

Sarah J. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 2/4/2021

“I had a wonderful experience at Willow Pass Dental Care. I am extremely fearful of the dentist but she was wonderful! Very relaxing and had excellent personal patient care. It’s good to know there are doctors who are patient with fearful clients.”

Karen S. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 2/3/2021

“Really the best. Expert at what he’s doing, personable that includes his whole staff.”

Dorian L. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 1/15/2021

“All the hygienists and dentists at Willow Pass have been exceptional, caring and kind. They are never too busy to walk me through a procedure or to help me understand the health of my teeth and gums. It’s been a fantastic experience having moved to the area and finding Willow Pass after being with my former, amazing dentist for 20 years. I would highly recommend Willow Pass to anyone seeking a new dentist.”

Keri B. | 5-star Demandforce review | 1/13/2021

“As always, my visit was a pleasant experience. The staff are friendly and professional.”

Pamela R. | 5-star Demandforce review | 1/7/2021

“The team at Willow Pass Dental got me an emergency same day just two days after Christmas. I had a tooth abscess causing me the worst pain in my life, and after not going to the doctors for years because of my fear the pain finally made me go. The entire staff was super understanding and did everything in their power to calm my nerves, ease my pain, and make sure I felt no pain throughout my root canal and other dental work. The girls at the front knew I had been crying and were so sweet no one on the staff made me feel like crap about not taking care of my teeth lol. I ended up having (no) pain during the procedures and will now be coming back for years to come 🙂 10/10 service.”

Andrea A. | 5-star YELP review | 1/5/2021

“Such an awesome dental office. I’m treated like a VIP. Such friendly staff and everyone is very professional and I enjoy going and seeing everyone there. Dr. Reza and his team of dentists are very knowledgeable and professional every time I need help. I highly recommend Willow Pass Dental! I think I’ve been a patient there over five years with no complaints only praise.”

Denise M. | 5-star Demandforce review | 12/29/2020

“Always a wonderful experience. Friendly, knowledgeable staff.”

Nicholas K. | 5-star Demandforce review | 12/26/2020

“Been going here for a while now. I have bad top teeth and it came time to pull them and get dentures. Dr. Khazaie and his staff were unbelievably awesome. They were great in dealing with my nervousness and anxiety, to my terrible gagging issues. I would never go to another dental place EVER. Great people and great care.”

Danny C. | 5-star YELP review | 12/21/2020

“Excellent crew. Place is clean and staff is patient and kind. Teeth cleaned without any discomfort. Saw orthodontist, hygienist all in the same room. No down. This is the place for honest oral care. 10 stars”

Cheryl J. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 12/21/2020

“I have been their patient getting to 10 years now and would always go back. The staff are all amazing starting from the front desk. I always get good and personalized treatment each visit thanks to LUIS FERNANDO ESTRADE! This hygienist makes each visit to the dentist look like magic. He is very good and gentle in them dentals. Thanks Luis for always taking your time and being gentle. All your advice is effective. Thanks again.”

Ckuky | 5-star GOOGLE review | 12/16/2020

“Great experience every time I go in. My teeth feel amazing after every cleaning!”

Mirela V. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 12/12/2020

“Great stuff, very friendly environment and great service.”

Abdullah Q. | 5-star Demandforce review | 12/10/2020

“Very professional, and up to date technology. I would absolutely recommend Willow Pass Dental.”

Shannon L. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 12/10/2020

“Our family love coming here! Everyone is so helpful and the staff are always friendly.”

Betty L. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 12/8/2020

“Having already had an awful experience at one dentist and a marginal one at another, I was not expecting much walking into Willow Pass Dental Care. I was floored by the level of care and friendliness that the staff shows towards customers. I will continue to give them my business and highly recommend others do the same.”

Joe K. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 12/5/2020

“I have been going to Willow Pass Dental for many years. Everyone is so knowledgeable and friendly. I just got a crown made with a 3D printer. One visit, one hour, and I had my perfectly fitting crown. I recommended this office to my daughter and her family and she recommended it to a friend. We all love Willow Pass.”

Margaret C. | 5-star Demandforce review | 12/3/2020

“Very welcoming, friendly, and thorough examination.”

Julissa M. | 5-star Demandforce review | 12/2/2020

“Willow Pass Dental always makes going to the dentist a pleasure. Everyone from start to finish is pleasant, helpful, and professional. Looking forward to my next 6 month visit.”

Carrie B. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 12/2/2020

“Had such a great experience! Everyone was very nice and welcoming.”

Meliza U. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 12/2/2020

“The experience was painless and I left very pleased.”

Debbie G. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 12/1/2020

“Willow Pass Dental is a quality dental office. I have been going there for many years, and the hygienists, dentists are excellent. I’ve had several crowns in recent years, and they are now 3d printed right on site–no more waiting for several weeks. They are very accommodating of a person’s needs, etc. I recommend them highly.”

Barbara H. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 11/20/2020

“Thank you Dr. Reza and Dr. Khan! Thank you for the good communication and good work on my tooth. Dr. Khan was so good at finishing my crown and made me feel satisfied! Thank you Christina and other staff members!”

Anna H. | 5-star YELP review | 11/20/2020

“Very modern office utilizing new technologies. Excellent care and friendly service.”

Mike V. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 11/13/2020

“Very professional staff with knowledge, patience, and guidance. Dr. Reza gives up his free time in helping children and adults who can’t afford dental care around the world in undeveloped countries through rough terrains – a great humanitarian and philanthropist. Also, as if he has 9 lives, he still finds time to learn and teach at a renown institution so that he can pass his information to his staff and patients.”

Kasia M. | 5-star Demandforce review | 11/5/2020

“Everyone there was very kind, the doctors are gentle and services are affordable. I would recommend their office.”

Alexis L. | 5-star Demandforce review | 10/30/2020

“The staff is always super helpful and always so sweet! My kids get the best care every time we come!”

Rodolfo C. | 5-star Demandforce review | 10/20/2020

“I’ve never liked going to the dentist, but this was one of the best experiences. I had a tooth that needed to be extracted. They did the job. No more tooth no more pain. Good job!”

Anonymous | 5-star Demandforce review | 10/23/2020

“I love the staff at Willow Pass Dental Care and have received great services each time I’ve been seen. I just had a broken tooth repaired with a crown and I LOVE the appearance of the crown. It looks just like an actual tooth. I went in for a cleaning a few days later and the technician was very kind, patient and thorough. I’m so glad to finally have found a dental office where I feel comfortable and well-cared-for. Thank you for the five-star service!”

Denee C. | 5-star Demandforce review | 10/22/2020

“I was very impressed with our visit. We were nervous as this was our first visit since Covid and initially had postponed. Friendly staff made us feel at ease. Particularly appreciated the hygienist whose sweet disposition shined through even through her mask and several layers of PPE. We felt well taken care of.””

Erik D. | 5-star Demandforce review | 10/16/2020

“Going to this dental office is always a treat. Warm staff greet you and the dental personnel are competent, with a gentle, friendly manner. The equipment and techniques for cleanliness and infection protocol are never in doubt. I feel as though I can relax and rely upon the excellent skill and training of dental professionals at Willow Pass.”

John D. | 5-star Demandforce review | 10/14/2020

“A very caring and talented team of dental professionals work here. If you are looking for a dentist for you and your family I highly recommend Willow Pass Dental Care. You will experience the difference when you walk in the door. I personally have had a lot of dental work done and I am very pleased with the result. Quality care at reasonable rates. Don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself and visit the wonderful team at Willow Pass Dental Care. You will be glad you did.”

Tom S. | 5-star Demandforce review | 10/13/2020

“They did an excellent job!”

Ventura G. | 5-star Demandforce review | 10/3/2020

“The staff are pleasant and knowledgeable. My dentist was really skilled. I would highly recommend.”

Margaret K. | 5-star Demandforce review | 10/1/2020

“Nando, the dental hygienist did an excellent job of cleaning my teeth and all on 4. Made me feel welcome & comfortable. Very informative of how my teeth & gum are doing”

Andrew | 5-star Demandforce review | 9/11/2020

“The front desk staff was efficient and friendly like always. The hygienist was a new for me, but she was amazing. Very gentle and very comfortable.”

Tammy P. | 5-star Demandforce review | 9/10/2020

“Great customer service, overall great service for everything and everybody that helped me.”

Rae K. | 5-star Demandforce review | 8/27/2020

“Dr. Khan, and his medical teammate, did a fabulous job on my crown! They were considerate, informative, efficient, helpful, and totally professional. It only took 1.5 hours to complete the entire crown procedure ~ no discomfort ~ didn’t even feel the needle prick for the novocaine!”

Mary A. | 5-star Demandforce review | 8/20/2020

“There are no words that I can express to say how much I love everyone at Willow Pass Dental. Everyone who has ever cleaned my teeth has done an excellent job. Dr. Kahn and Dr. Reza are the best dentists I have ever had in my 73 years. I thank everyone.”

Margaret C. | 5-star Demandforce review | 8/17/2020

“Excellent service both at the front desk and with Carol, Willow Pass is great at what they do! Say hi to Chewie for me.”

John D. | 5-star Demandforce review | 8/16/2020

“My family has been a customer to Willow Pass Dental Care ( WPDC) for over a decade. I like the cleanliness of the place, the courtesy of the staff and the level of expertise they have. Today my teeth were cleaned by Ulka the dental hygienist. She was extraordinary careful and gentle. She cleaned my teeth so gently that I didn’t feel the sensitivity that I normally feel when my teeth are cleaned. I just want to recognize her for going above and beyond. Thanks Ulka?.”

Ann E. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 8/13/2020

“Everyone was very attentive to details, very gentle as regards the treatment and so polite. The dentist always made sure that I was treated well and comfortable. They always made me feel like coming back and I will.”

Consuelo T. | 5-star Demandforce review | 8/12/2020

“As far as pediatric dentistry goes they have always been amazing. Super fast service. Always makes my child feel comfortable and secure about visiting the dentist.”

Anne | 5-star Demandforce review | 8/5/2020

“Everyone is accommodating, from front desk to dental assistants and orthodontist.”

Micah B. | 5-star Demandforce review | 8/1/2020

“Always great service. The Dr. is great and the staff is great. They did an amazing job. I’m very happy.”

Bryanna H. | 5-star Demandforce review | 7/31/2020

“Very impressed with their post COVID precautions! I felt comfortable and safe while visiting them. Staff is excellent and courteous. Dr. Khan is a master of his art! Can’t praise him and the office enough. Thank you for taking care of me Willow Pass Dental Care!”

Jay H. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 7/24/2020

“Amazing that’s all I can say! Thanks Dr.Khan. Amazing work! My Veneers look amazing. Thank you so much!”

Jeff H. | 5-star FACEBOOK | 7/16/2020

“The appt was for my grandson. They took great care of his teeth. He was excited to go and excited when he left.”

Kamari B. | 5-star Demandforce review | 7/14/2020

“Thank you! A trip to the emergency room couldn’t explain the overwhelming pressure in my head and the swelling in my neck (really, they put me on antibiotics for a UTI due to strep bacteria in the urine, which had nothing to do with my head!). A quick office visit (to Willow Pass) exposed the pain. One night after trying a mouthguard and hemp gummy I actually slept through the night instead of awakening at 4 am with a burning pain running down my right arm.”

Anne | 5-star Demandforce review | 7/3/2020

“Friendly staff!! Glad they’re taking covid seriously and in the best way possible.”

Ann | 5-star Demandforce review | 7/2/2020

“I had dental work that originally was planned for earlier this year. It was done rapidly, comfortably and I felt cared for and protected for this procedure as I did for routine cleaning 2 weeks prior. The office observes all the protective guidelines and it was reassuring to be back in the care of familiar, friendly faces, albeit with masks, etc. Thank you Willow Pass Dental for your professionalism and kindness!”

Maggie M. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 6/29/2020

“Very caring and safe dentistry!”

James D. | 5-star Demandforce review | 6/26/2020

“Great customer service!”

Xochitl H. | 5-star Demandforce review | 6/25/2020

“Everyone at Willow Pass Dental Care is so nice !! Also very professional.”

Karen W. | 5-star Demandforce review | 6/24/2020

“My visit at Willow Pass always exceeds expectations. Not only is the staff incredibly warm, friendly, and professional, the entire office feels like home. My teeth were in pretty bad shape when I showed up two years ago, several root canals and crowns later and I feel a lot more confident in my smile. I have four teeth left to work on, you guys are going to be able to help me all the way. I’m so excited, thanks for being awesome!!”

Alia T. | 5-star Demandforce review | 6/22/2020

“Really like my choice of dental office. Happy they are here. Keep up the good work.”

Rodney M. | 5-star Demandforce review | 6/18/2020

“It was a great experience everybody was very very nice and I felt very comfortable.”

Shana B. | 5-star Demandforce review | 6/17/2020

“It is a pleasant atmosphere. I was greeted as soon as I walked in the door. The check-in was fast and I didn’t have to wait for outstanding service. Nando the dental tech was amazing. He explained his every move and procedure with detail in such a way I could understand and make an educated decision with my dental care, which is the main reason I signed up for the in-house plan to continue with this office. The doctor was courteous and very professional, which are traits that the entire staff displays. Cynthia in administration was very helpful in making my appointment and was the 1st step in starting the process of me getting registered and having healthier teeth.

I will surely recommend this office to anyone looking for great dental care.”

John T. | 5-star Demandforce review | 6/15/2020

“Always professional, courteous and family friendly at the same time.”

Marie A. | 5-star Demandforce review | 6/11/2020

“From the moment you walk into the office, you can feel the difference. The Willow Pass Dental Care team is a talented and charismatic group that makes you feel more like a family than a patient. The quality of the dental work they do is unsurpassed and I highly recommend the Willow Pass Dental Care team to anyone seeking a comprehensive state of art dental practice for the entire family at reasonable prices.”

Tom S. | 5-star Demandforce review | 6/9/2020

“The team is very friendly, professional, and quality work!”

Timothy R. | 5-star Demandforce review | 6/4/2020

“Highly skilled dentists and amazing and friendly staff. They really listen to their patients and work with you regarding your dental care. The entire staff is wonderful. I’ve actually referred people because of my positive experiences!”

Abby Z. | 5-star Demandforce review | 6/3/2020

“From my first visit I could tell this office was what I was looking for interns of professionalism and individual attention.”

Margaret P. | 5-star Demandforce review | 5/27/2020

“I love the service, the attendant Clark is very gentle and she really loves where she works. I had a toothache and saw the Dr. Reza and he was amazing, he pulled 3 teeth and about 15 minutes, not pain at all, it was so fast that I was surprised. I was a little bit scared but he was so confident about his job. He was definitely the best dentist that I had and I really recommend this place.”

Leticia W. | 5-star Demandforce review | 4/12/2020

“What a wonderful team of people working here. I made an emergency appointment with them and despite me being a new client and also despite the pandemic occurring right now, the receptionist worked hard to get me in right away. As someone with a HUGE fear of going to the dentist (which is what caused this dental emergency in the first place), I can honestly say this was the most stress free visit I have ever had. The receptionist was very sweet and warm, and the dental assistant was comforting and made conversation with me so I wasn’t as nervous. Now to the dentist; this guy knows his dentistry and he knows how to make his patients feel better about having messed up their teeth, like I had. He was not only personable, but he did an amazing and quick job with my teeth. If you are terrified of visiting the dentist because you think you’ll be judged or you think they’ll be rough with your mouth, this place will change your mind. They changed mine. Thank you, Willow Pass Dental, for helping me begin to rebuild my smile.”

Elisa C. | 5-star YELP review | 3/31/2020

“Nando provided my cleaning and was so gentle (as always) but very thorough. I appreciate how he takes his time and explains things also. Great job.”

Brandi D. | 5-star Demandforce review | 3/16/2020

“Caring, attentive and professional staff. I am very pleased with Willow Pass Dental Care and the services they offer.”

Denee C. | 5-star Demandforce review | 3/14/2020

“Very friendly staff and professional work, good location with plenty of parking.”

Ardavan K. | 5-star Demandforce review | 3/8/2020

“I have extreme anxiety about going to the dentist but this place has completely gotten rid of it. Everyone is welcoming and reassuring. Dr. Reza is very skilled/talented. I felt little to no pain with my procedures which is a HUGE deal for me because my tolerance for pain is low. Now I actually look forward to going to the dentist.”

Victoria S. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 3/6/2020

“Caring staff throughout. They will work with you to find the best outcomes.”

James T. | 5-star Demandforce review | 3/5/2020

“The entire personnel is always very welcoming, attentive, friendly. Nando, hygienist took well care of me. He is welcoming, friendly, informative and most importantly very skilled and thorough at what he does. He took well care of me and made me feel that I was in good hands. Everyone made me feel that I am important to them and that makes me a very happy patient always. Thank You Willow Pass Dental!!”

Oscar M. | 5-star Demandforce review | 2/27/2020

“Great staff! Awesome dentist, makes me laugh!”

Trisha S. | 5-star Demandforce review | 2/16/2020

“Awesome. Start to finish done under two hours for two crown implants. Crowns color matched perfectly and great fit. Thank you WPDC.”

Denise M. | 5-star Demandforce review | 2/13/2020

“The whole crew at Willow Pass Dental Care are very cordial and prompt. They do not waste time, they move right away and make sure the patient is attended in a timely manner. They also educate and inform the patient about the problem in the patient’s mouth/teeth, what to expect and what will happen before and after treatment. They are also very caring and would do the best treatment to save one’s tooth. They suggest the options to the patient on which choices they can take, before a procedure is done. They do not impose. They are very informative, caring and so professional. My personal dentist worked so well to restore my tooth that had a big cavity. After the treatment my tooth looked like brand new.”

Consuelo T. | 5-star Demandforce review | 2/12/2020

“Amazing friendly staff, great service and always happy to accommodate. They really will make you smile ;-)”

Bo | 5-star GOOGLE review | 2/8/2020

“From the first moment that I visited Willow Pass Dental Care, I noticed a big difference in the courteousness and care of the crews. The first visit was with a dental assistant and she was very focused on me, very engaging and very comforting. The front desk clerks are equally kind and attentive. I had been to many different dental clinics, but this is the very first time I had experienced the quality care and responsiveness of each worker. The Dr. was very people-oriented, cordial and made me feel at ease always. He worked on my tooth so well, I did not know I had a big problem on it, until he explained it to me. My tooth was like brand new, the color matched the nearby teeth, and I felt excellent after just one visit. Superior job. Thank you all.”

Consuelo S. | 5-star Demandforce review | 2/2/2020

“Friendly and professional front office staff, clean examining room and bathrooms. Dentist appeared highly qualified and professional and answered questions and concerns I had. I love the fact that they were able to deliver my crowns while I waited. My overall experience was outstanding compared to other offices I visited. I have already begun sharing my experience and recommending people here.”

Glinda T. | 5-star Demandforce review | 1/13/2020

“A fantastic team of professionals who really care about their patients and it shows in the quality of their work.I recommend them highly. Thank you”

Tom S. | 5-star Demandforce review | 1/10/2020

“The staff are incredibly kind and professional.”

Jenna M. | 5-star Demandforce review | 1/6/2020

“Dr. Reza is the best! Amazing crew!”

Sheida K. | 5-star Demandforce review | 1/2/2020

“My dental hygienist is wonderful! He really has me looking forward to cleanings, very sweet & gentle. Personable as well which goes a long way!”

Staci D. | 5-star Demandforce review | 12/19/2019

“Very professional and kind to everyone. Had a good experience for pulling a tooth, which is not what anyone would look forward to. I am doing well and have only good things to say about the Willow Pass Dental Care.”

Rae K. | 5-star Demandforce review | 12/17/2019

“I needed to find a new local dentist because I just couldn’t bring myself to drive to Oakland one more time for a teeth cleaning.

One of my favorite Yelp friends, Shelli H. gave me the recommendation of Willow Pass Dental Care.  I took her word for it and made appointments for myself and my kids through their super convenient website.

They made sure to dot all the I’s and cross all of the T’s before we came in for our appointment.  I couldn’t have been more appreciative considering a bad experience I had had at another local children’s dentist.  This office’s efficiency came most appreciated by me.

My kids loved the kids room and were more than happy to hang out there and watch TV while I had my appointment.  They both had their appointments and we found that one of my kids had cavities and one didn’t.  And I needed a new crown put in.  Oh joy.

So needless to say that we have had multiple visits since our initial cleaning appointment.  For my new crown they made it in-house in one appointment after work for me.  It was super convenient and very reasonably priced after insurance.

My five year old daughter had her cavity filled and according to the assistant and the dentist, I have the most well behaved 5 year old during a filling procedure, ever.  Yay me!

This is my new dentist.  Again, I really appreciate their efficiency in the office and our new dentist, hygienists and assistants are exceptional.”

Ivy R. | 5-star YELP review | 12/1/2019

“Great dentist office with super friendly people. Definitely will be returning.”

Brian H. | 5-star Demandforce review | 11/29/2019

“My visit was for a scheduled cleaning appointment. I have been using Willow Pass Dental for all my dental needs for many years and I am very satisfied with the entire staff and the care I receive. For this visit, I was seen by Nando for the first time. He was excellent in every respect and consistent with the practice’s demanding standards.”

Loannis Z. | 5-star Demandforce review | 11/20/2019

“We just moved to WODC and we love the affirming and uplifting feel of the total staff. The dentists that my husband and I each had were very thorough and explained every step as they were working on us. Just a great feel from all and comfort for us.”

Jeri-Lynn | 5-star Demandforce review | 11/13/2019

“Staff are very friendly. Nando is very thorough and his hands are very light. He made sure that I’ll go home happy and satisfied with my teeth. I’ll always recommend this place. Very convenient. The place is also very nice. We have been a customer (me and my family) since 2014.”

Christina D. | 5-star Demandforce review | 11/9/2019

“My appointment with Dr. Khan was great. Two new crowns made in house and I was finished in less than 2 hours. All your staff was great from me having to call my bank to release funds to my ATM card to leaving with a great finished smile. Thank you Willow Pass Dental. See you in January.”

Denise M. | 5-star Demandforce review | 11/6/2019

“Friendly dentists, hygienists, and administrative staff. Provide clarification when needed. I am pleased with my dental work (crowns) and hygiene care. They are familiar with my dental plan which I very much appreciate.”

Juanita B. | 5-star Demandforce review | 11/4/2019

“I have been to so many Dentists and this is the best place to go! I have had many different procedures done at Willow Pass Dental. I have had other work done at other places and this place is the best! Front staff are so nice and helpful through stressful financial issues or not understanding billing. I love my hygienist Shabnam; she is AMAZING! My dentist and endodontist are awesome and would recommend anyone to go to Willow Pass Dental!”

Annie A. | 5-star Demandforce review | 11/1/2019

“Dr. Reza is truly a miracle worker. I have been a patient of his for over a year now for an extensive and complicated case. Dr. Reza and his office smoothly coordinated with my primary surgeon and his office. Willow Pass Dental was able to keep things on track and really went above and beyond. Dr. Reza’s demeanor is exceptional in helping make you feel safe while still providing thorough and complete explanations of all steps of the procedures. He has given me my smile back when I didn’t think it would be possible. His work is impeccable. Highly recommend his office for any dental needs. Also Cynthia at the front desk is always very warm, friendly, and professional.

Lily G. | 5-star YELP review | 10/29/2019

“Great environment and reception! The quality of both the dentist and the hygienist were the best I have experienced. The use of current technology to reduce wait time and increase effectiveness is appreciated!”

Bryan K. | 5-star Demandforce review | 10/20/2019

“Very courteous staff with a willingness to be flexible in scheduling to attend to emergent situations.”

Dorothy G. | 5-star Demandforce review | 10/16/2019

“Friendly, professional, and equipped with state of the art technology.”

Pamela R. | 5-star Demandforce review | 10/11/2019

“Great place for dental care and a warm friendly staff!”

Katrena M. | 5-star Demandforce review | 10/10/2019

I have more crowns than the Romanov’s, but the experience was great and the process smooth. Thanks!”

John B. | 5-star Demandforce review | 10/3/2019

“Not only is the dental work excellent at Willow Pass — the people are wonderful !! Every single person is so friendly and welcoming. I actually look forward to going to the dentist !!!”

Ann A. | 5-star Demandforce review | 10/1/2019

“Dr. Reza, dental hygienist, dental assistant & the rest off the staff are very nice and extremely confident in their work. and very caring.Dr. Reza, dental hygienist, dental assistant & the rest off the staff are very nice and extremely confident in their work. and very caring.”

Annie | 5-star Demandforce review | 9/4/2019

“Painless, day 3 and 0 discomfort! Best dental experience ever. Dr. Khan was easy to talk to and very confident in what he does.”

Kevin M. | 5-star Demandforce review | 9/2/2019

“It never feels like a dentist visit. Everyone is awesome.”

Craig R. | 5-star Demandforce review | 9/2/2019

“Dr. Reza, dental hygienist, dental assistant & the rest off the staff are very nice and extremely confident in their work. and very caring.”

Anonymous | 5-star Demandforce review | 8/22/2019

“Everyone is always very nice and the dentist always lets you know what is going on.”

Nicholas R. | 5-star Demandforce review | 8/19/2019

“Great place, they offer insurance for people without it. Friendly staff, very communicative. I can’t imagine getting a crown or dental implant anywhere else.”

William G. | 5-star Demandforce review | 8/9/2019

“Awesome crew that always smiles and are very friendly. I had braces that they put on for me and made my teeth better in only a matter of months. I also got an implant tooth that looks like as if was one of my own original teeth. I highly recommend !!”

Mark R. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 8/1/2019

“I recently had Nando as my Hygenist and it was a wonderful experience. He was knowledgeable and very, very gentle. I would highly recommend him and this clinic. I’ve been a customer for several years.”

Brandi D. | 5-star Demandforce review | 7/26/2019

“Very good experience. Highly recommended. Keep up the good work.”

Navad H. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 7/23/2019

“Wow!  If you want a thorough cleaning of your teeth, Shabnam does an excellent job.  The tartar tends to build up on my teeth quickly.  She’s a very thorough hygienist, blasting the calculus/tartar off with the water pick type tool and jumping & a scraping with manual tools as well.  I recommend this office for good oral cleaning and maintenance.”

Gloria P. | 5-star YELP review | 7/4/2019

“I went in first for a regular checkup & cleaning, then a root canal the following week.

The front desk staff, my hygienist, primary dentist, and endodontist were all experienced in their work and made the operation go very smoothly. This was my first time having a root canal, and I was anxious going in. But from start to finish it was obvious everyone involved was confident in the process, and they made sure to explain every step as they went along. The technology to have the crown created was astounding!

Payment was pretty straightforward. I have Delta Dental, who covered a fair portion of the procedure, and the office was able to easily set up financing for my out-of-pocket.

Time (and my own followup) will ultimately tell the quality of the work, but I’m very satisfied with my experience here and will be making Willow Pass my primary dentist.”

John D. | 5-star YELP review | 6/26/19

“I have nothing but positive things to say about my experiences at Willow Pass Dental Care. I was very comfortable during my procedure and received tremendous bedside treatment. Cynthia, specifically, is amazing and took great care of me when I have had to come in for procedures. I am impressed at the professionalism and skill that is put on display at this facility. This is hands down the best dental office I have ever been to and would easily recommend to anyone looking for a new dentist to head on down to Willow Pass Dental Care. Meeting with Cynthia I could see the care she had and she is the reason I switched to this dentist.”

Michael M. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 6/21/19

“I have been to many dental offices before but Willow Pass Dental Care by far is the best I been to. They treat you like family very helpful and understanding to your needs I get it no one like the dentist but we all have to go. I highly recommend Willow Pass Dental Care.”

Avelino D. | 5-star DemandForce review | 6/10/19

“The service here is great and the person who makes my experience so awesome is Shabi! She is so personable, remembering my last visit and giving me great oral health maintenance advice. A year ago I was going to switch my dental home, but after I had an appointment and was seen by Shabi I decided to stay. She’s amazing at her job and is the reason why I am staying with Willow Pass Dental.”

Chelsea D. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 5/15/19


“I was pleased with the entire experience. Everything was so professionally coordinated, the root canal first and the crown second, and no discomfort at all. Very successful! I would highly recommend this facility and doctors to anyone apprehensive about dental procedures.”

Grace S. | 5-star Demandforce review | 5/10/19


“I’ve had a lot of dental work over the years through a lot of different dental offices, and these guys are the best of the bunch, top notch. I’ve seen 2 different dentists and a hygienist here. Really friendly staff, wonderful chairside manner, very professional, latest technology. I’ve been very happy with the staff and quality of the work. Also, a huge plus for me is being able to have high quality, precision crowns completed in a single visit. I would highly recommend this office to anyone.”

Rod J. | 5-star Demandforce review | 5/8/19


“The front desk and staff are open, friendly and effective. I feel like we’re one big happy family. The use of the latest modern equipment in building veneers, crowns, and teeth is impressive indeed. These modern procedures certainly cut down on the length of time in the dental chair.”

James T. | 5-star Demandforce review | 4/27/19


“We are so grateful for the very professional, knowledgeable, and thoughtful attention we have received from the entire staff at Willow Pass. What a pleasure to have so much confidence in those caring for you, that a trip to the”dentist” is no longer filled with dread. The true caring, though, is manifested by the photos around the office, depicting Doctor Reza’s great humanity and love for those in great need, as he happily provides dental services to the children of the world. Many thanks!”

Jerry A. | 5-star Demandforce review | 4/15/19

“My uncle retired after being my dentist for over 27+ years, which made it hard for me to trust other dentists. It had been over 2 years since I had been to a dentist after he retired. I was recommended Dr. Sam (dentist) and Nando (hygienist) and they provided an amazing experience! His team worked with my schedule, since I was losing my health insurance, and squeezed me into an appointment. Nando cleaned my teeth and took xrays. He was gentle and explained how to take care of my teeth and gums better. Both him and Dr. Sam didn’t make me feel guilty for my brushing techniques or for not flossing as often, which was great! Dr. Sam did the exam and had me come back a week later to have a filling fixed. During the procedure Dr. Sam took his time making sure the filling was the right size and fit while also throwing in a couple of dad jokes to make you feel comfortable. He also walked me through the process when he was creating images for the filling and asked if I needed a break or if I was doing okay during the process. Overall, I highly recommend Dr. Sam, because he and his team were honest about their recommendations. He told me what needed to be worked on immediately and Nando told me which teeth needed to be watched and how to take care of them. I found the experience super informative and it made me want to take care of my teeth better. Thank you to Dr. Sam and his team! You are the best!!!!!!”

Keely W. | 5-star YELP review | 4/3/19

“From the moment I walked into the building to when I exited the building I had excellent care. The gals in the office are all wonderful and friendly. The dentist was exceptionally nice and did an excellent job. I felt comfortable at all times and the new technology is wonderful as well. I have never had such a positive experience like this.”

Rae K.| 5-star Demandforce review | 2/10/19


“As always the experience at Willow Pass Dental Care was amazing! Both times I have gone I have left pain free and well as no continuing pain in the days that follow. I have always had issues with pain after I left the dentist for days if not weeks, but not here. I would recommend this place in a heartbeat!”

Ashley U.| 5-star Demandforce review | 1/24/19


“Excellent experience as usual. Office is clean and professional in appearance. Lobby support staff very professional, immediately greeted me when I entered and knew my name. My hygienist Shabby was punctual and greeted me warmly while escorting me back to the suite. I continue to use this facility because the dentists, in fact everyone, is top-notch. I never have to worry about the care being given to me.This facility also sports its own insurance plan, which I have joined for my second year. Very affordable and very comparable to the large insurance entities. You will not be disappointed…period.

Paul R.| 5-star Demandforce review | 1/2/19


My dentist home, professional, hilariously funny, and knows his stuff.  I would like to add he gave me a pain-free procedure.  Everyone in the office is above average.”

April G. | 5-star YELP review | 12/28/18

“I have had extreme tooth sensitivity (cold, heat, pressure, and touch) for over a decade, and Willow Pass Dental Care has been the only facility I have found with an entire staff who truly cares about their patients. From my first appointment in 2017, Shabi has been my hygienist. We connected over the recurrence of sensitive teeth when we first met, and she has used a numbing cream every time I have my teeth cleaned, to provide the most comfort possible. For this reason, I not only trust her, but also feel that she cares and wants to help. Dr. Sam also helped alleviate my tooth sensitivity this past summer with a procedure involving composite fillings and bonding. Prior to this, I did not believe that I would ever find relief for the sensitivity outside of the routine cleanings. On top of this, everyone at the front desk has always been welcoming and kind. I am so grateful to have found this gem!”

Lisa S. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 12/27/18

“I am very impressed w/this office. They are very warm and welcoming. My daughter and I have been receiving treatment from this office for several years. They always greet us like we are old friends. In addition the usual check-ups.  My daughter is receiving braces from the orthodontist at this facility. She is terrific.”

Michelle G. | 5-star YELP review | 12/19/18


“This dentist I feel is set aside from all other dentists I have been to! It feels like an entire different dentistry all on its own. I appreciate the entire staff of receptionistw, assistants and dentists.
A big shout out to Melissa and Yvonne for always greeting me with a smile & taking time to break down the procedure in a way that I am able to understand.
I don’t fear coming to this dentist like I did my whole life at western dental.
Willow Pass Dental is fixing all the mistakes Western dental made on my mouth.
Can’t thank this dental team enough!!
Love u guys!!”

Melissa P. | 5-star YELP review | 12/18/18

“Omg this place is god-sent. From the front door the atmosphere is so welcoming the staff does above & beyond to make you comfortable then you meet the Dr. Reza who without exaggeration is the very best his bedside manner surpasses 100 % my husband & and I are more than pleased with his work & techniques and highly recommend him.”

Eunice M. | 5-star YELP review | 12/13/18

“One of the best experiences ever at a dental office. Shabnam Sharifi really listens to me and made me very comfortable. I would recommend this state of the art dental office to anyone who is looking for a dentist that caters to nervous patients.”

Linda F. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 12/12/18

“This was my first visit to this Dental Office and this was my children’s first dentist appointment ever.  My son who had trauma/fear since being hospitalized at 6 months, to the point that any visit even a haircut will have him terrified.  I had read the reviews and decided this was the place to take my kids after hearing that they specialized with children with anxiety.

I must say without any doubt that this is the place to take your children. The staff are amazing.

What made the experience 5 stars was the customer service. The service I received from Cynthia at the desk was EXCEPTIONAL! She went above and beyond to help me figure out my insurance. She made sure I had all the information needed to continue to get treatment for my children. I was so moved by her care and compassion that I cried in my car after my children’s appointments.

And to top everything –  my kids, especially my son loved the experience too. He kept telling me how awesome it was!

Thanks to the team at Willow Pass Dental Care and especially Cynthia, thank you for your heart.  I will never forget your act of kindness!”

Annie S. | 5-star YELP review | 12/7/18

“Top staff and top dentist! Had a crown done with Dr. Khan and I can tell you, he knows his stuff! The office is very high tech. My crown was done right in front of my eyes within 2 hours! Couldn’t do this a few years back.
Hopefully, I don’t need any more dental work in the near future, but if I do I will gladly return and have it done here. Thank you everyone for taking care of me.”

J.H. | 5-star YELP review | 12/5/18

“We love this dental group!!! My daughter was severely afraid of dental visits prior to switching to Willow Pass Dental Care. She now wants to hang out and chat after visits. The Dr/Dentists and staff are warm and professional. The billing is always a breeze to understand and Maryellen has always been patient and kind while handling any billing details. I would recommend anyone who I care about to join this Dental group!”

Ronnie L. | 5-star YELP review | 12/5/18

“All of the staff are very caring! The receptionists always welcome us and give us special care. The prizes are fantastic for my kids, and they have never thought of the dentist as a scary place. The assistants and dentists have always been glad to explain things and chat with the kids to make them feel comfortable. I also love that we can see a pediatric orthodontist at the same location!”

Sarah V. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 12/1/18

“Love, love, love their customer service and the work they do!!”

Anisha D. | 5-star Demandforce review | 11/20/18

“Luis the tech who cleaned my teeth was very skillful and not painful at all. I have never had such a pleasant experience at the dentist.”

Deborah G.| 5-star Demandforce review | 11/15/18

“Visits to the dentist office are the least favorite of my pastime activities, but the staff, during my recent visit to Willow Pass Dental Care, made what I’ve always considered an ordeal endurable or tolerable. Each staff went out of his or her way to make me feel “cared for” during my time of distress – a painful wisdom tooth. I rate them all A+. I was especially pleased with the self-confident dentist, his empathetic assistant and the amicable receptionist.”

Dossie T.| 5-star Demandforce review | 11/2/18

“Excellent customer service, the doctors are great and understand your needs, this is the best dentist I’ve ever been to not just for service for myself but for my children they know exactly hot to serve, I will never change dentist again I would give them 6 stars or more if I could!!!”

Angel S.| 5-star Demandforce review | 10/30/18

“The hygienist, Shah, has MAGICAL touch. This entire year, her deep cleaning, for the first time in my life (I am 54) since age 23, to not have any cavity filling or etc. to be done.”

Rita R.| 5-star Demandforce review | 10/5/18

“I shared my fears with both dentist that had to treat me on the same day, they made me feel comfortable & reassured me that my fears were understandable & they would do all they could to make my appointment as comfortable as possible. They listened & attended to all of my concerns. Very friendly atmosphere from the front staff to the assistance to the dental team. Thank you!”

Lydia C.| 5-star Demandforce review | 10/1/18

“Amazing Dr. fixed my loose crown. The tooth under the crown was broken so he had to pull out the stub and it was very stubborn. Took him a half hour to get it out. Then he put 4 stitches in my gum and I got a temporary bridge made in the office and in 6 weeks I go back for my permanent crown.

Nancy was her usual awesomeness! Thank you Willow Pass Dental.”

Denise M.| 5-star Demandforce review | 9/30/18

“Came in for a crown. Despite the uncooperative machinery and emergencies, the staff was pleasant, kind & courteous. Not rushing me through. When it was my turn, the doctor was thorough and meticulous.”

Chris G. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 9/29/18

“I find the staff here to be very friendly. The Dr. was very friendly and professional. He always let me know what was going on. I would rate this office as one of the very best I’ve experienced, and I’ve gone through a lot of dentists over the years. These guys are top notch!

I also appreciate the way this office is up to date with the latest technology.”

Rod J. | 5-star Demandforce review | 9/27/18

“Dr. Luz is the most exceptional medical professional that I have ever encountered. She (handled) my daughter’s tricky dental needs with expertise and compassion. Her front office and support teams are also top notch. Beyond grateful we found Willow Pass Dental Care.”

Alexis | 5-star GOOGLE review | 8/12/18

“I don’t even know where to begin! Hands down, from beginning to end, Willow Pass Dental Care, and all those employed here, have given me the best dental office experience OF MY LIFE!  Megan took my initial call, and her pleasant, warm vibe and kind voice alone set the tone for me, and made me feel like I was going to be taken well care of. You know how sometimes you just catch a vibe? Yeah, me too, and it just felt good! The good vibes didn’t stop there! The office is great, the staff are super friendly and inviting and service is efficient and speedy. Nancy took my x-rays, and the whole time she explained to me what she was doing and was super sweet. My dental hygienist Nando was INCREDIBLE! He definitely went the extra mile to make sure I was in the know, he kept me comfortable and well informed. He kept up a great conversation, explained to me everything he came across in my mouth, took his time to show me pictures, and answered all my silly questions, etc. Astonishingly Nando had a super super soft touch, never made me bleed or caused any pain or discomfort. When Dr. Sam examined my mouth I learned that we share a similar background and went to the same schools. Long story short, all in all, my overall experience was fantastic (especially for a dental visit!) the staff and office is amazing and the vibe is super chill! Shout out Willow Pass Dental Care and all it’s staff, and thank you for making my experience so great!!”

Cecelia M. | 5-star YELP review | 8/12/18

“I am 82 years old have all my original teeth, including wisdom molars; and scheduled my second visit at Willow Pass Dental. First for x rays and cleaning which was I must say a great experience. The young man was very attentive, gentle and thorough; the x rays showed I needed 3 new crowns so I scheduled to have the work done a few days after. To my surprise I could have all three crowns done on one visit since they make the crowns right at the same location. My family and friends thought I was somewhat insane, but they were all three on the same side of my mouth (one upper and 2 bottom next to each other. I was there for less than 3 hours and drove home still a bit numb but feeling great. Now I don’t need to go back until normal cleaning is needed. The place is spotless, the whole staff is I must say WONDERFUL to everyone (I was there long enough to observe) from the moment you walk in to the time you leave. I recommend Willow Pass Dental.”

Yeta H. | 5-star Demandforce review | 8/11/18

“Had a 25 year old crown replaced. They were considerate, attentive and detail oriented. My new crown fits great and I enjoyed the two hour visit.”

David H. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 8/10/18

“The staff was efficient and helpful Dr. Khazaie was clear in explaining what he was going to do and the effects I would feel. I had two implants done in one sitting. While I hate needles and shots, he was spot on accurate in administering the painkiller, which worked perfectly. Only two shots per location, which attested to his skill. He worked very efficiently, getting everything done quickly and carefully. He’s kind, caring, and efficient. I trust his skill completely.”

Art T. | 5-star DemandForce review | 8/1/18

“I took my dad here for the first time today, and I am so pleased, pleasantly surprised!  All of the staff were friendly, and greeted us with a smile!
Cynthia helped us today, she took the time to explain everything from co-payments, to treatment plan and cost.  Nando helped my Dad with the xrays and cleaning, and was very patient with him.  I appreciate how Dr. Khan greeted us, introduced himself with a handshake.  One might think this is nothing unusual or special but it is.
We all have patronized many businesses where no smiles, no hellos, no thank you’s, so when you receive great services, you praise them and give them a great review on Yelp ha ha ha You guys rock!”

Girley M. | 5-star YELP review | 7/25/18

“Today was my first day and I was amazed of how professional they are, Nando was really knowledge, and always made sure I was comfortable by letting me know what he was doing and why, no rush he took his time. Cynthia in reception was great and always made sure I understood the plan or the next step also, and so as all the staff. As soon as you enter the door all you see is smiles. I really recommend this place.

Armando I. | 5-star YELP review | 6/22/18

“This is my first ever Yelp review. I have never felt compelled to write a review no matter how good of an experience I have had in the past, until now. That being said, I have to share my experience with Dr. Perera and the Willow Pass Dental Care team.

I am in my mid-thirties and like most people, wearing braces was the last thing I wanted to do. However, I wanted to get myself evaluated as I noticed my case worsening as time passed. After consulting with numerous Orthodontists, I decided to proceed with Dr. Perera, despite the 1 hour commute from my home. Dr. Perera was very thorough and most importantly she took the time to explain my options in great detail. One of my main concerns was the timeline. I did not want my treatment to take longer than one year.

Dr. Perera was realistic in setting my expectations and recommended that I go with ceramic clear braces, although I was dead set on Invisalign (to spare any social embracement), in order to complete treatment within my preferred timeline. Reluctantly I agreed. Once on, the ceramic braces were significantly less noticeable than I expected. At first, there was some discomfort and it took me a little while to get used to. In those first few weeks, if I had gone with Invisalign, I would have not worn them as much as I should have. So I’m glad Dr. Perera convinced me to go with braces.

During my treatment I had bi-weekly appointments. Due to the hour plus commute, there were times I ran late or would call with a last minute request to change my appointment; Dr. Perera and the staff at Willow Pass Dental Care were very accommodating and always took care of it. At each appointment, Dr. Perera gave me an in-depth update on my progress and she was always very forthcoming when my teeth had not shifted to expectation but remained reassuring.

My treatment ended in twelve months as I had requested and I could have not been happier with the results. Apart from having straight teeth, my bite was also corrected. My teeth have not moved and my bite remains the same as the day my braces came off six months ago. I am so glad that I took the plunge to get braces and decided to go with Dr. Perera and the team at Willow Pass Dental Care. If you are considering orthodontic work, I highly recommend giving Dr. Perera a chance.”

Gayan B. | 5-star YELP review | 6/18/18

“Gentle, empathetic, thorough and honest. I’m looking forward to making them my dentist for years to come.”

Jenna M. | 5-star GOOGLE review | 6/14/18

“My daughter was very scared about a tooth that needed to come out. Dentist Luz Rosato and her assistant work to calm my child first then have her pick a movie and explained what they were doing. She had NO2 which worked great and they were so awesome she didn’t realize that the numbness in her gum was from shots. I am so glad I found this talented and empathetic dentist!”

Emma A. | 5-star Demandforce review | 6/5/18

“Great team of professionals, we’ve been bringing our 3 kids for their dental ordeals for years, great service, very friendly staff. All the assistant are great at keeping our kids entertained and relaxed while doing their braces and stuff. Kids love it here.”

Edson P. | 5-star YELP review | 5/18/18

“Great. I really felt cared for here on my first visit. Great staff and super friendly. Yvonne is a pleasure & very helpful. I can’t wait to get my tooth implant started.”

Melissa S. | 5-star Demandforce review | 5/15/18

“I dread the dentist, always have. It’s just uncomfortable when people are forging around in your mouth. Especially with power tools. Lol
My experience here yesterday was (as dental procedures go) wonderful.
I arrived a little early for my 10:30 appt. signed the rest of the paperwork and was in that chair with a quickness.
Dr. Amanda did my root canal with the assistance of Mary. She was gentle as can be with that drill and made sure I was numb the entire time. I could tell she was really concentrating on me and my tooth. She was also so sweet and funny.
And then I was told to go to next room where Dr. Kahn and his assistant sweet April were waiting for me. They fit me for a crown and 45 minutes later my crown was done. He did my crown like a pro he is!
A few X-rays to make sure everything was right and a few prescriptions for pain and possible infection and I was out of there! Start to finish 4 hours!
Man oh man, dentistry has come a long way!
I highly recommend this office to everybody, it’s even super kid friendly!
Nobody likes going to the dentist, but we all should. And they make it so much less ‘scary’.
Also shout out to Katrina who is not always there but she did my cleaning a few weeks ago and was so much fun to talk with!”

Shelli H. | 5-star YELP review | 4/26/18

“I’ve been at a dentist for as long as I can remember! Yes! I have that type of teeth, not great ones !!!
I’ve been there done that. Now as an adult I’ve realized how important it is to be treated by someone that is honest, professional and a person whom will always tell you the truth about the work that needs to be done.
Since I met Dr. Reza, I have been traveling to Concord just to see him. At this point I only trust him as he is one of the best with whom  I’ve worked.”

Soha N. | 5-star YELP review | 4/8/18

“We moved to the area almost 2 years ago now and had to find a new dentist.  My 4 kids have been going here for a little over a year now and my oldest is also in their orthodontics. So needless to say we have had many appointments!
My least favorite thing to do, is anything that has to do with the dentist.  I will reschedule an appointment as many times as I can before finally going.  Today I finally made myself go and it was honestly the best appointment I have ever had! The staff is always so friendly and knows us!  The dental hygienist, I think her name was Shaby, was amazing! She had a bedside manner that was more like a Dr. and was so knowledgeable, gentle, careful, and thorough! All around a great experience!!”

Sarah J. | 5-star YELP review | 3/9/18

“I just want to say that Dr. Reza and his staff are amazing! My husband and I have been researching all over the bay area for a dental professional that could meet our needs. We found Dr. Reza at Willow Pass Dental, and we both knew he was the one. His personality is wonderful, he is sharp, and very professional. Dr. Reza did an amazing job on my husband’s implants! We are so happy. Thank you to the wonderful staff … they made us feel very comfortable. I will recommend Willow Pass Dental to anyone that needs implants or any dental care!”

Judy B. | 5-star YELP review | 3/1/2018

“From the receptionist to the dental hygienist and the doctor– services were excellent. The entire staff is very friendly and professional.”

Sandra B. | 5-star Demandforce review | 1/22/2018

“I wasn’t excited about getting two crowns on the same day but it went so well. Glad I got it done!!”

JudyBeth K. | 5-star Demandforce review | 1/19/2018

“Hello everyone. This was my first dental appointment experience in my life and it was great especially with the help I had from the receptionist Cynthia she was very respectful friendly and very helpful thank you so much Cynthia. I went to the office without any appointment but she helped me to have one and the good of all this it was just 30 minutes after I get there it was awesome thanks a lot and u really appreciate all your smile and help you provide to me. I recommend this place – awesome people.”

Massinissa H. | 5-star YELP review | 1/5/2018

Denise M.


“I’ve been coming to this practice for several years now and always a positive experience. Always. Dr. Reza & his staff are extremely kind and compassionate. I broke a crown on Tuesday, called the Willow Pass Dental, got an appointment for Wednesday, went in and left with my brand new crown in place. No more return trips for a permanent crown. They do it all in one visit. I was able to leave with my new crown in my mouth. No temporary tooth to deal with. Highly recommend this professional, expertly trained, efficient office.”

Ed S.


“It was so nice to meet Dr. Khazaie and his wonderful staff. Oh, and I received implants from him…the procedure was so much easier than my expectations and now I can smile again!!”

Logan S.


“This was Logan’s first dental appointment ever. Everybody was so nice and she enjoyed the experience. I must say that Cynthia at the front desk is Amazing! She is kind, caring and compassionate. She is truly what made the experience top notch for me. She explained in detail with genuine care on how to handle an issue with my insurance. I will never forget her act of kindness to me.”

Annie S.


“This was my first visit to this Dental Office and this was my children’s first dentist appointment ever.  My son who had trauma/fear since being hospitalized at 6 months, to the point that any visit even a haircut will have him terrified.  I had read the reviews and decided this was the place to take my kids after hearing that they specialized with children with anxiety.

I must say without any doubt that this is the place to take your children. The staff are amazing.

What made experience 5 stars was the customer service. The service I received from Cynthia at the desk was EXCEPTIONAL! She went above and beyond to help me figure out my insurance. She made sure I had all the information needed to continue to get treatment for my children. I was so moved by her care and compassion that I cried in my car after my children’s appointments.

And to top everything –  my kids, especially my son loved the experience too. He kept telling me how awesome it was!

Thanks to the team at Willow Pass Dental Care and especially Cynthia, thank you for your heart.  I will never forget your act of kindness!”

Sebastian H.


“My son came in so anxious about the procedure. He was shaking. They were great, sensitive and encouraging. With some help of Nitrous oxide, he said “that was great”! Thanks for your attentive and sensitive care!”

Zion L.


“They couldn’t have cared for me and my child any better! Professionally and emotionally! I am very thankful, and extremely pleased with the dental work on my little one.”

Claudia K.


“My Doctor made me feel relaxed and confident that I was in great hands. He showed me what my teeth looked like now and then how they looked once prepared for crowns. I love the office decor and the staff are friendly and courteous. There is no better choice for your dental needs. Thank you for all your kind care and hard work and of course my beautiful new crowns”

Paula F.


“I had a time issue, and a need for serious work quickly. Not only did they get me in the same day I called, it appears that the work will be completed before I need to leave for a wedding out of the country. These people REALLY care about you, your comfort, and your appearance. Dr. Reza and his staff are the best. If I had known about them LONG ago, I would have better teeth now… it even so, they do everything they can to make you comfortable and get you where you need to be. My husband also goes to Willow Pass Dental Care and gives rave reviews…we both do…to everyone we know. AND….. we drive from about 35 miles away to use this facility…and happy to do it!!”

John M.

Willow Pass Dental Care google review

“Recently was in for a scheduled visit with the Dental Hygienist. As with every interaction I have had over the years the staff was very courteous and professional. I can not recommend them highly enough.”

Pamela R.


“I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to get an appointment so quickly. I was even more surprised that I could get an exam, cleaning, and a new crown all in one visit.”

Rey A.


“I haven’t been to the dentist in years because of my prior dental experiences. However, when I went to Willow Pass Dental, my view changed. I had a good experience from having my appointment set, receiving a reminder call, having my teeth cleaned and talking to Dr. Khan about the next steps. Also, I like to give kudos to Carol because she is an awesome dental hygienist.”

Maggie Lee


“Great place! I highly recommend Shabnam Sharifi. She’s a wonderful hygienist!”

Rick L.


Thanks for the 5-star Google rating from our patient Rick!

Kristina L.


Thanks for the 5-star Google rating from our patient Kristina!

Tony C.


“Awesome cleaning by Shabi no discomfort whatsoever.”

Peter T.


“Wonderful people to deal with, friendly, professional and above all, I consider they are my FRIENDS!”

Shannon S.


“It had been years since I’d seen a dentist when I first saw Dr. Khazaie. He took my fear of pain seriously. The exam was informative, the treatment plan was reasonable and the care was excellent. I have been a patient for over a year now and have had outstanding care. Shabnam, my preferred hygienist, even polished my teeth twice to make sure I had a beautiful smile for my pending job interview. Thanks Shabi, I got the job!”

Ken F.


“Dr. Reza is wonderful, very patient, gentle working on teeth and just a super nice person, he is the best I’ve ever had working on my dental needs. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!”

Gerald G.


“You are in the best of care with Dr. Reza, Nancy and the whole staff.”

Angeline M.


“I just got out of the clinic for a second opinion and I am highly impressed with this clinic. First, I called in to make an appointment and the lady made sure to accommodate the day and time that would work for me. When I got into the clinic, the ladies in the reception area were nice and friendly. It’s a different feel from the other clinic that I’ve been visiting. They charged me a fairly cheap amount for an exam, cleaning and xray.

The dentist’s assistant was also very calm and caring which made me feel very comfortable. The hygienist came next for my cleaning. She was professional and helpful. Finally, the dentist saw me and answered all my questions (I tend to ask a lot of questions!) He made sure that I was ok upon leaving. I am highly satisfied with my visit and from now on, this will be my primary clinic!!!”

Irene M.


willow-google-5-star-logo “I have been going to Willow Pass Dental Care (formerly Dental Specialty) since 2006. I have always received great care from the front desk, from my caring dental hygienist Shabnam Sharifi, my wonderful Prosthodontist Reza Khazaie who did my implants, his assistant Nancy and the ladies that manage the appointments, to the dental treatment plan. I couldn’t ask for a greater Dental team. Their technology is always improving so makes going to one place much easier. I admire Dr. Reza for donating his time to his Mission of helping children from abroad that might not have access to dental care. I feel it is worthwhile if you are searching for a new dental team for yourself or your children to consider them.”

Kelly O.


willow-google-5-star-logo “I’ve been a patient here for many years, and have always received excellent dental care. My hygienist Shabnam is the best!! She is very thorough, yet gentle. I have sensitive teeth and she is careful to not cause me discomfort. AND, she is the sweetest person! 🙂 I don’t have need to see Dr. Reza often, as I have pretty healthy teeth 🙂 , but he has done repair work on old fillings and such and is excellent. I highly recommend this office.”

Concord, CA


d-force-stars “It was my first time visiting Willow Pass Dental Care last week. I had an emergency and the office staff was beyond accommodating and helpful in getting me seen asap. Upon arrival the dental assistant took me in and completed a series of X-rays. Her knowledge, friendliness, and advice was way beyond my expectations and beyond any service I have ever received at a dentists office before. It is because of her that I had such an incredible experience. The dentist recommended that I follow up by seeing a specialist. Because I will be going out of town in a week, he was able to get me an appointment 2 business days later. The accommodation was incredible. I also love that the primary dentist gives back by going around the world giving to underserved communities. Overall, so far, my experiences here have been unparalleled.”

Lisa T.
Concord, CA


d-force-stars “Shabnam is the best dental hygienist I have ever had! She is so thorough and takes extra care in making sure all plaque is removed with no pain. She always ensures you are comfortable and she just has a great professional demeanor. My children and I have been going to Willow Pass Dental Care for years. My daughter was very frightened to get dental work done and this was the ONLY place she felt comfortable. All of the staff takes extra care to make sure all of the children’s fears are limited so my daughter actually wants to come back every 6 months. I highly recommend Willow Pass Dental Care for your whole family!”

Corinne L.


willow-google-5-star-logo “I have always had great care at Willow Pass Dental. Never had a delay in seeing the hygienist or dentist. Easy to make appointments. Everyone is professional yet very friendly. Front desk staff is very efficient. Shabnam Sharifi, the hygienist I usually see, is friendly, kind, and does an excellent job.”

Amir K.


willow-google-5-star-logo “I had a very good experience with Willow Pass Dental Care with Dr. Reza’s staff and the quality of work he has done on my teeth.”

Mayra N.


willow-google-5-star-logo “I have been going to Willow Pass Dental Care for a couple of years. I have received great care and feel that they truly care. During my last appointment they took the time to show me the process of my procedure. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for a dental care provider.”

Mary A.


d-force-stars “I came in for a cleaning, and with a toothache. My hygienist reported the concern, and all three dentists conferred/agreed that the tooth was so badly infected (because of a cracked root) that it needed to be extracted. Immediately, arrangements were made, and the painless procedure was complete within a half an hour. During the entire time they explained the details, answered my questions, were re-assuring, made sure I was comfortable/not in pain, and kind. They worked like a well-oiled machine ~ the consummate professionals!”

Alejandra N.
Concord, CA


willow-yelp-5-star-logo “Received such great treatment during my appointment today. They showed me the process and made me feel very comfortable.  Highly recommended.”

Cynthia B.


d-force-stars “My biannual cleaning was thorough and gentle. I have sensitive teeth and appreciate when they take the time to ‘be careful’ with sensitive areas. Left the office with clean teeth and no cavities :)”

Paul R.


d-force-stars “The entire staff is professional and caring. I am completely comfortable in my decision to have Willow Pass Dental Care provide all my dental care.”

Tilmon A.
Los Angeles, CA


“Willow Pass Dental Care is one big skyscraper of awesomeness. From the staff to my primary orthodontist, Dr. Perera, they have been a godsend. Prior to 2 years ago, I was getting treatment through Western Dental. Long story short, they were horrible and even pressured me into getting a tooth pulled that should’ve never been pulled in the first place.

Dr. Perera took on my case and used every trick in the book to close the gap where the missing tooth use to be, corrected my alignment and made sure I left with a perfect smile just in time for my college graduation. I am so thankful for them and I recommend them to anybody, including my brother, who might be looking into braces.

You guys are awesome!!!”

JudyBeth K.
Concord, CA


d-force-stars “Having never had a root canal I really didn’t know what to expect. Although it was quite a process, I felt relaxed and comfortable and even started to nod off. I hope I won’t need more because they aren’t cheap but if I do, I won’t be concerned about the process.”

Kianna E.
Concord, CA


d-force-stars “My daughter has major dental anxiety from past treatments but the new Pediatric Dentist was amazing to her! Kind, loving, reassuring and very patient with my daughter. Made the whole going to the dentist experience much easier.”

Jannine H.
Concord, CA


d-force-stars “I have never had such a good experience at a dentist office until now. Every single person I dealt with was so friendly, nice, and welcoming! Also, they were prompt and courteous and on time! Now I will not cringe when it is time for my cleanings. Thank you!!”

Joy L.
Concord, CA


d-force-stars “I needed a wisdom tooth pulled so Sandy set up an appointment for me to see Dr. Reza. It didn’t take long to numb the tooth and less then a minute to pull it. I didn’t have any pain or infection. Thank you to all the staff at Willow Pass Dental.”

Ed S.
Clearlake Highlands, CA


willow-facebook-5-star “If every dental practice was like this one…folks wouldn’t hesitate visiting their Dentist at all.”

Anthony H.
Concord, CA


d-force-stars “Awesome, team honest practice with your dental needs at complete service. Cynthia, Sandy, thank you for all your hard work and taking care of my family. You all work with patient “first” in mind.”

Julia J.
Concord, CA


d-force-stars “It was very good. I will go as far to say my experience dealing with this office has been wonderful. I was seen right away no long wait times. The office was very hi-tech clean and very comfortable. I was walked through what was gonna happen to me in detail. I was assured that if I needed to take a break at any time we can stop, that would never be a problem. I was told just to let me know if anything was bothering me. I was very confident and comfortable with the person that was working on me. In the past, I have had several very very bad experiences with other Dentist offices….I am so very glad I found this office everyone is very nice, very professional and courteous. My experience with my two visits so far has been just great. Each time I left the office I was very happy with the work that was done. They don’t push unnecessary work you really don’t need on you. Nor rush through the procedures they are doing. They did a great job with little to no pain. I’m very happy.”

David N.
Concord, CA


willow-facebook-5-star “Great group of professionals that make going to the dentist fun for everyone. I usually don’t do ratings but my seven year old loves this place. As for me, they have motivated me to do better in flossing by giving me advice and little reminder tricks to floss every day. Overall, they’re Awesome!”

Harrold V.
Walnut Creek, CA


willow-yelp-5-star-logo “Going to a dentist has always been one of those things me and my family always avoided. We went to Dr. Khazaie based on the recommendation of a close friend. We are very happy and now we all go regularly for our checkups and cleanings. Highly recommended!”

Angela R.
Concord, CA


“The hygienist Carol was wonderful and made me very comfortable, also the receptionist Tiffany was very friendly. Maria explained my insurance information well.”

Annie J.


“No waiting time. Both dental assistant and dentist were wonderful and sensitive to my needs.”

Joanna M.


“The staff is patient and caring.”

David H.


“Excellent care on new and old dental problems. Clear information. Cordial staff.”

Jennifer B.

Feb., 2017

d-force-stars “If I could give this place ten stars, I would. Assume each of the five is equal to two and that’ll work. Due to a very bad experience with a shady dentist when I was young, I haven’t seen a dentist in almost 20 years. I cracked a tooth on some popcorn on a Wednesday and, trusting blind luck, picked the dentist closest to work. They were willing to see me the very next day! And goodness, did I strike gold with this place. Everyone from the receptionists to the dental assistants to my own dentist (who wanted to be an ace fighter pilot but became an ace dentist instead) was patient, kind, and unfailingly polite. All my past anxieties were wiped away and I now have a new dental office to call my own. I will be seeing them for all my dental needs in future. Do yourself a favor and give them a try. They are very much worth it.”

Franklin M.

Feb., 2017

“This place is amazing they have great customer service I felt really comfortable and their dental work was quick and painless great place to go!”

Federico C.


“Great friendly service and with high knowledge comes quality work.”

Frances W.
Concord, CA


willow-facebook-5-star “Took my boys (3.5 and 1) in today and they were amazing! Wonderful with a very unsure kid and cranky baby, they also gave me some helpful tips.”


Jan., 2017

“Going to be honest, I greatly dislike going to the dentist. For me, this was as good as a trip to the dentist could have gone. Dr. Khazaie was professional, kind, and made sure I experienced no pain when doing my filling. Bonus: no condescending remarks about how I wasn’t flossing enough.”

Suji R.
Concord, CA


willow-yelp-5-star-logo “Very satisfied and grateful to both Dr. Reza Khazaie and hygienist Nancy as well as the front office and endodontics staff. I was naturally very worried about my root canal and the entire process but Dr. R’s calm manner and willingness to explain each step helped me to know what to expect. The staff was always responsive to my needs and Nancy was especially sensitive to the fact that my pain threshold is low. Am very glad that I made the switch from a different provider.”

Yasmin K.
San Ramon, CA


“My friend told me about Dr. Khazaie, she loved his work. I went to their office and Dr. Khazaie did my implant. I’m so happy and love my tooth. After that I took my kids there and they love the pediatric dentist. All the staff are so kind and helpful.”

Karen S.
Concord, CA


willow-yelp-5-star-logo “I love this place! I have been going here forever and I never plan on changing that. They really make going to the dentist a pleasant experience. The front desk always greets me with a smile and know my name! =) The hygienists and doctors always make me feel comfortable while I’m there and they are affordable. Anybody who complains about billing has not done enough research on expenses of dental treatment! They are very fair here and the friendly environment they provide makes it even that much more worth it! lol”

Allison D.
Oakland, CA


“We moved to this office for our dental HMO after trying two other offices that were on our HMO list.  Great place!!!!  My son is 3 and had a wonderful experience with pediatric dentist Dr. Luz Cuellar.  They have a full pediatric area and do it right.  My son loved it and really is excited about brushing his teeth at home now! I saw Dr. Taimur Khan on the adult side of the clinic.  The hygienist did a very thorough cleaning for me, and Dr. Khan did a very thorough exam.  We will be sticking with Willow Pass Dental Care for the whole family.  Wonderful care. The other HMO accepting offices we went to tried to upsell us extra services and rush us through the appointments – this office did not!  They just provided quality care, which is much appreciated.”

Marie N.
Fairfield, CA


“I really enjoy the staff. Always seen on time and not a bad experience for going to the dentist.”

Cyndee B.
Vallejo, CA


“Our entire family has been a part of this dental practice for ten years now. We first came to Dental Specialty when my oldest daughter had to have a crown placed on a molar. We were stressed out about the procedure but the Pediatric Dentist assured me that our daughter would be safe and comfortable. She was right and we haven’t had any serious dental issues since. From cleanings (both child and adult) to an implant and Invisalign, we have experienced it all.

Dr. Perera is such a sweet Orthodontist. She is very professional and takes the time to explain everything from initial photos needed, the tray process, and everything to the retainer (which I will receive in two weeks)! I highly recommend Dr. Perera.

Dr. Reza Khazaie is very professional and on time with my appointments. I am very afraid of dental work, but he always helps ease my stress level and was able to convince me to have a dental implant placed, this was not an easy decision for me. But Dr. Reza has helped me along the way and I should have my crown placed by Christmas!

Dr. Reza’s assistant is also lovely and helpful. She makes me feel special and like family. It has been a pleasure getting to know she and my hygienist over the years. Our entire family has had exceptional service and have never had any hidden fees or bills. We recommend Dental Specialty Group (Willow Pass Dental Care).”

Steph M.
Walnut Creek, CA


willow-facebook-5-star “Willow Pass Dental Care is Amazing! I have to say this dental office and the staff are so kind and caring they understand. I was terrified of the dentist I don’t know why but when I came in for my consultation with Dr. Reza omg he was understanding and caring. I have literally been in 5 times this month of June and I have left with a smile. I brought my daughter and son also and yet again Amazing staff and service. I feel confident now with my mouth and smile. I recommend this group to everyone, my friends and family. If anyone is looking for a great dental place and amazing Dr., go here. Dr. Reza and his team are overly amazing and you will be happy.”

Ryan U.
Antioch, CA


“I was fortunate to come upon Willow Pass Dental Care (formerly Dental Specialty Group) through a referral from another dentist for some emergent pain I had been experiencing. Dr. Khazaie was most capable, emphathetic, and professional. His staff, both front office, and dental back office, are also top notch! My initial expectation for my visit was just to get some respite from my pain, but I ended my visit quite blown away and totally stoked as I had found my new “dental home” where I felt comfortable (and I’m one of those people who don’t necessarily look forward to going to Doctor appointments). If the previous sentences were not succinct enough for you…TOTALLY RECOMMENDED!!”

Denise M.
Walnut Creek, CA


“I love this dental office. The hygienist is fantastic and extremely sweet the front office staff is the best and very well trained. The assistant, Nancy is exceptional in her professionalism. Such a great Practice. I highly recommend.”

Ryanne C.
Fairfield, CA


“New to this practice for pediatric treatment. The office is clean and staff is kind and professional. It was a relief my daughter was treated like a superstar during her visit and the wall of prizes made the office one-of-a-kind. I would recommend this practice to friends and family living in the area or do not mind the drive out for some quality and high-grade service.”

We have been going to this dentist for years. The service and care they provide is exceptionally good. Everything is very clean and neat. They always greet us with a smile and do their best to accommodate our needs. We actually moved to Alameda two years ago but still go to this dentist because of how great they are! They have a pediatric side and an adult side to accommodate the needs of our whole family. I highly recommend them to anyone!!
— Veronica G., Concord, CA |  5-star Yelp review, 2/24/16 Dr. Khazaie will go above and beyond to make you satisfied. He knows what he’s doing and he is very knowledgeable in the field of prosthodontics. I am still working with him on my dental implants dentures project and so far I haven’t faced a problem.
— Firas S., Martinez, CA |  5-star Yelp review, 2/24/16 Very friendly staff that keep their appointment times. It’s also very convenient because adult dentistry is on one side and pediatric on the other side. My girls love their dentist! They’ve recently added orthodontics to their services.
—Brandi D., Concord, CA  |  5-star Yelp review 12/30/15 Me and my family have been patients here for several years and we love and appreciate the dentists and office staff.  You get what you pay for and they provide quality services and genuinely care about your oral health.  They have corrected a lot of poor dental work done at previous dental offices and are totally honest and trustworthy.
—Pepper J., Pittsburg, CA  |  5-star Yelp review 12/9/15 This office has wonderful front and back staff. My children love this office and has by far the best pediatric dentist Dr Mahsa.  The Dr is very sweet and has a lot of patients with our children not only that the work she does is out standing Our experience with this office is outstanding!! We are greeted warmly they make our kids feel very special. The assistants in back are also great Sarah and Vicky. I also see the hygienist for my cleanings who is also outstanding and very gentle. Dr Reza Is also outstanding in his work and is ver concerned of his patients needs. I recommend all my family and friends to this office. They do everything there.
—Mickey J., Pittsburg, CA  |  5-star Yelp review 10/23/15 My two kids had cleanings back to back. We were called in right away. They are very calm and gentle with the kids. They were also able to calm down my 18 month old who can be tough at times! After the appointment they made the kids feel very special. They took pictures of the kids for the no cavity wall. Also each child was able to pick a toy and each received a balloon. As always, another great experience. Thanks!
—Inaaya K.  |  9/1/15 Best cleaning procedure than any other dentist office.
—Saundra T.  |  9/18/15 Dr. Khazaie treats each and every one of his patients with the same gentle, caring attitude and superb professionalism. I am always bowled over with his kindness and generosity. The treatment that he gives that is so special to me is nothing out of the ordinary for him. I have never before had such a positive and confident feeling about a relationship with a doctor.
—Mariam N.  |  Walnut Creek, CA This dental group has always been kind, patient and friendly to my children. Our experience with them has always been positive and thus my children have never feared the dentist. In fact, they are always excited to go. Thanks for making it simple and easy to keep my children in good dental health. A very grateful mom.
—Melissa Benson  |  8/18/15 The competence, friendliness, and professionalism of Dr. Khazaie’s staff is far above anything I have ever seen in my 50 years of going to dentists.
— John G. I would recommend this office as everyone was professional and the hygienist did a wonderful job and Sherie was very efficient.
—Joanne D.  |  8/7/15 Most people don’t like a dental visit but this group really make the experience pleasant and very comfortable.
—Annette R.  |  7/31/15 Great service and the same for the staff working there.
—Patrick P.  |  7/30/15 Professional, friendly, respectful, and compassionate is how my family regards Dental Specialty Group (now Willow Pass Dental Care). We appreciate how they take care of us.
—Kim L.  |  7/25/15 Dr. Reza is the best. Very gentle. I had no pain with my implant. It was fast and easy. Thank you Dr. Reza.
—Fereshteh J.  |  7/25/15