How We Keep You Safe from Infection At Every Dental Visit

Dr. Reza Written by Dr. Reza Khazaie

Infection Control Practices

5 Commitments We Make To Our Patients

We live in truly extraordinary times. Our world is facing a historic health challenge with the growing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Despite the continuing stress and uncertainty, we believe it has never been more critical to stay connected with our patients and families. In the fight against COVID-19, we are determined to be a part of the solution. Willow Pass Dental Care remains dedicated to keeping you informed about the actions we are taking to ensure your health, safety, and well being.

Our Infection Control Practices

Meticulous infection control practices

How COVID-19 Spread

We have and will continue to exceed the recommendations put forth by the CDC’s guide for infection control in dentistry. We understand that the COVID-19 threat should not be taken lightly. That’s why when you visit our dental facility for a private appointment we take extraordinary care to disinfect and sanitize all surfaces and equipment, instruments, supplies, and materials. That goes without saying — we have always worked hard to make sure everything is safe and sanitized. All dental instruments are always machine-sterilized. In addition, all disposable instruments come in pre-sterilized packaging and are disposed of after each use.

To combat COVID-19, we have also implemented much more frequent total-facility cleanings, paying particular attention to patient touchpoints, such as hard surfaces and dental chairs. In addition, we are implementing the most stringent employee sanitation regimen to ensure safety for both our patients and our employees.

Providing personal protective gear

Prevention and Treatment Tips for COVID-19

Hand-in-hand with our commitment to meticulous sanitation and infection control, we are also providing personal protective gear to each patient, including sterile coverings, masks, & gloves to ensure total protective coverage. We believe that the moment you step into our office, you are under our care and we will do our best to provide a high level of protection and safety you would expect for you and your family.

Rigorous staff hygiene

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We understand the expectation for peer-to-peer hygiene at all times and especially in times like these. That’s why we require staff to wash their hands not only prior to engaging with patients but every time they enter the operatory and every time they leave. Even if sterile gloves are used, we are requiring staff to wash their hands. In addition, all staff members are provided sterile protective coverings, including masks and gloves, so that there is never exposed contact between staff and patients.

Per-patient room sanitation

Tips to Maintain Your Immune System

Every surface in the dental room is thoroughly sterilized and sanitized before every patient. That includes all countertops and drawers as well as all surfaces of the dental chair including the dental tray, sink, and lights. This also includes all dental instruments, equipment, and accessories. Everything that touches a patient is completely sterilized.

Asking at-risk patients to remain at home

Symptoms of Coronavirus - Covid_19

While we value face-to-face interaction with all of our patients, it is more important for us that you stay healthy. That’s why we are committed to asking patients who are displaying symptoms of illness to please stay home, stay safe, and focus on getting well. We also ask you to make the best judgment according to local, state, and national recommendations. Appointments can be rescheduled, but your health cannot be. To that end, our dedicated staff can assist you in making decisions regarding your oral health concerns, including scheduling, rescheduling, or making recommendations for at-home care.

At Willow Pass Dental Care, we are committed to your health, safety, and welfare. We know that the coronavirus spreads in three ways:

  • Person-to-person contact
  • Transmission through the air
  • Through objects that are contaminated

Our 5 commitments to you during this time is to do everything in our power to totally block those transmission routes in our clinic. Through a rigorous regimen of staff hygiene, facility and equipment sterilization, protective gear, and patient screening, we aim to create a COVID-19-free environment that is safe for you.

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Dentist About Infection Control

  • 1

    Do you and your staff have an infection control plan to deal with COVID-19 and prevent the spread of the disease?

  • 2

    Are you and your staff washing their hands before AND after entering and exiting the patient room?

  • 3

    Are you and your staff sanitizing dental instruments, equipment, and other potential patient touchpoints after each patient?

  • 4

    Will you and your staff wear appropriate protective gear, not only to limit transmission to staff but to protect patients as well?

  • 5

    Are you asking symptomatic patients to remain at home to protect other patients?

A trustworthy clinic will have a clear plan of action to mitigate the risks of infection spread. The Willow Pass Dental Care family has weathered hard times before, and we will overcome this current viral threat as well by staying true to our commitments to you, our patients.

Thank you all for your continued support. We hope you remain safe, healthy, and well going forward.