Full Mouth Reconstruction and Rehabilitation

What’s in a smile? It turns out, quite a lot! Learn about full mouth reconstruction

Your smile is the most important visual component of your face when it comes to sending and receiving social cues, nonverbal communication, and yes, it also has quite an impact on your overall attractiveness to others. A genuine smile is, after all, a true joy to behold for those around you. Best of all, a genuine smile can actually make you a happier, healthier person.

Try it. Imagine a moment in your life that made you smile. It could be a joke you heard at work or the surprise of witnessing something unusual and funny. Or it could be one of life’s sweeter moments - a child’s first steps, or a stampede of puppies. Whatever it is you thought of, chances are you’re probably feeling objectively better. That’s because smiling isn’t just a result of feeling good, the very act of smiling can actually cause us to feel good about ourselves, about life, and about what the future may hold.

But don’t take our word for it, just look to science. German researchers have discovered that the physical act of smiling actually alters the brain’s neural circuitry. A generational study done by the UC Berkeley found that smiling was a surprisingly adept indicator of not only a person’s overall life happiness and general well-being over a period of 30 years, but it also strongly correlated with longer-lasting, more fulfilling marriages, higher test scores, and a more inspiring life to others. Of course, correlation doesn’t necessarily indicate causation, but the amount of evidence for the power of smiling is overwhelming. So what’s the key to a winning smile? It’s got to be big, and it’s got to be genuine. That means when you smile, you shouldn’t have to second-guess yourself, or be self-conscious, or be worried about how your smile might look to others.

Don’t let bad teeth stop you from smiling or get in the way of your happiness.

A brand new smile with full mouth reconstruction at Willow Pass Dental Care

Do you have several adverse dental conditions or complications? You should consider Concord's highly respected and well-known prosthodontist Dr. Reza Khazaie of Willow Pass Dental Care in Concord, California for a full mouth reconstruction. Dr. Khazaie specializes in full mouth reconstruction procedures and is well respected by his peers and his patients.

A full mouth reconstruction is often necessary for many who have severe or multiple dental conditions in order to return or create a patient's ideal smile.

We recommend a consultation with Dr. Khazaie regarding treatment if you have any of the following imperfections:

  • Missing or broken teeth
  • Teeth worn from grinding or acidic foods
  • A misaligned bite
  • Bone imperfections, missing bone or diseased jawbone
  • Severe pain in the mouth
  • Other major dental-related issues

Do you have bad or hurting teeth? Do you find yourself feeling embarrassed or forcefully suppressing your urge to smile because of the condition of your teeth? It doesn’t have to be that way. With Willow Pass Dental Care’s two-part take on building a better smile, we’ll have you smiling like you mean it in no time.

Part 1: The Art of Cosmetic Dentistry

The goal of cosmetic dentistry is to create and facilitate an objectively beautiful smile. To that end, we provide a variety of cosmetic full-mouth reconstructive services and rehabilitation treatments designed to create a smile that not only looks good but feels completely natural as well. Our reconstruction and rehabilitation regimen is handcrafted and tailored to each individual patient depending on their individual needs, desires, and expectations. Some common procedures that we offer include:

We work with you and your family to best determine the right set of treatments and procedures right for you.

Part 2: Enhancing your smile (Neuromuscular Dentistry)

Of course, the teeth themselves are only half the equation. Your bite, or the position of your jaw and the alignment of your upper and lower teeth, play a critical role in not only the overall look and aesthetics of your face, but also in day-to-day functions such as speaking and enunciating effectively, chewing food, and smiling. Utilizing advanced measuring techniques, the expert staff at Willow Pass Dental Care can precisely measure, identify, and pinpoint any muscular or jaw-related imbalances that may be affecting the shape and position of your mouth. Once identified, custom orthotics can be created that gently correct any imbalances over time, improving and enhancing your smile.

Full mouth reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction and rehabilitation can be a complicated and incredibly involved set of procedures and treatments that must be well designed and meticulously executed. The results should be carefully monitored over the length of the recovery period to ensure the perfect and satisfactory results our patients want and deserve. At Willow Pass Dental Care, we fuse the artistry of cosmetic dentistry and the technological precision of neuromuscular dentistry to deliver world-class results. Whether you come to us for comprehensive, full-mouth reconstruction and rehabilitation, or just a simple, routine dental checkup, you can rest assured that you’ll be leaving looking and feeling better than before.

Stress less, smile more.

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