How to Choose a Dentist in Concord & Walnut Creek, CA



Choosing a dentist can be a daunting task. If you do a Google search for dentist in Concord Ca there are over 1,040,000 search results! Good luck choosing the right Concord dentist.

Many people pick a dentist in Concord purely based on geographical convenience to work and home, insurance network, recommendations, or pricing for dental services. While each of these factors is important, we want to help you with a guide to choosing the best dentist in Concord that you are confident will best serve the dental needs of you and your family.

Let's get started. Following is our checklist for choosing a dentist in Concord.

1. Does the dentist have a good reputation?

Do a Google search and check the website of the dentist you are considering and see what people are saying. By Googling the name of the business, you should see at the very top of your search a list of reviews from GoogleYelpFacebook, and other third parties like DemandForce.

Now that you see the reviews, make sure the reviews are recent and that the majority are useful. If you find the dentist you are researching does not have many reviews that should be a warning sign and you should do more research.


  1. Take the name of the business: Willow Pass Dental Care
  2. Go to and enter the business name in the search box and click the button titled Google Search.
Do a Google search of Willow Pass Dental Care
  1. Check out the results of the search.
Google reviews for Willow Pass Dental Care in Concord, CA

2. Does the dentist have proper credentials and professional qualifications?

One of the most straightforward ways to determine if a dentist is right for you is to do a simple check of their credentials. Do the dentists, doctors, support staff, and administrators have good credentials, accreditations, certifications, and up-to-date training indicating that they are qualified to give you the care you deserve?

Simple credentials checks are an easy way to compare one dentist to another in a fair and objective way. Choose the dentist staffed and run by practitioners with not only the best credentials but the right credentials. Not all dentists, for example, are trained and certified to provide orthodontic care, or to execute complex oral reconstructive surgery, or to create complex dental prosthetics. That’s why specialty dental professionals, such as prosthodontists and orthodontists exist. These specialists receive years of additional training to become masters in their respective fields. Prosthodontists must have three years of additional, advanced training at an accredited dental institution on top of traditional dental schooling. In the entire United States, there are only a few thousand practicing prosthodontists, Dr. Reza Khazaie is one of them.


  1. Check the dentist's qualifications and designations. You can usually find this on the Bio pages on their website. Following are the bios for the doctors at Willow Pass Dental Care: Dr. Reza Khazaie, DDS, ProsthodontistDr. Amanda Lavorini, DDS, and Dr. Taimur Khan, DDS.
  2. Do they have a Prosthodontist on the team? If so that is a good sign.

3. Does the dentist provide useful resources and case studies that are readily available?

A great thing about the Internet is all brands stand naked in front of their customers. Not literally, I'm sure we are both thankful for that. What I mean is there is transparency in the marketplace. We all have access to information. Check out the website for the dentist you are researching and see if he or she has built a community of followers who look forward to the content they provide. This is an excellent sign of a dentist who is providing value in an ongoing way to their patients.


  1. Does the dentist have a blog? If so how fresh is the content and is the content of value to you? If so, this is a good sign.
  2. Can you subscribe to receive their newsletter? If so, how often is it published?
  3. Do you see recent case studies that show the before and after results of patients of their practice?

4. Does the dentist have a world-class support staff of dental professionals?

The best dentists have a great support team of hygienists, dental assistants, and administrators that back them up. They play a critical role in both the caregiving aspects at a dental facility as well as less visible administrative and behind-the-scenes work.


  1. Check out the testimonials that you researched on Point #1. Do you find comments about the office and support team? If you do, that is an excellent sign that they are a candidate for your business.
    Like this:
Testimonial about Willow Pass Dental Care
  1. If you communicate with the administrative personnel, do you find the communications to be friendly? Do you receive follow-up communications via text or email to confirm appointments? This is a good sign of a very skilled dental facility.

5. Does the dentist have convenient hours of operation that accommodate your lifestyle?

Check out their website for hours and days of operation. Will the times and days listed work around your lifestyle? Some dental care centers such as Willow Pass Dental Care are open 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Monday through Friday and also have appointments available for Saturday.


  1. Check out the website for hours and days available for dental appointments.

6. Do you like the dentist? Are they charitable?

Is the dentist likable? I mean really likable. Are they friendly? Do they connect with your interest, wants and needs? Do they exhibit empathy and recognize and acknowledge your feelings? Are they real and authentic? Do you recognize a worthy cause they believe in that is bigger than themselves? If so, you may have found the right dentist.


  1. If you find that the first three items on our list check out, then schedule a consultation with the dentist.
  2. Did they make it easy to schedule an appointment?
  3. Were you greeted warmly by the persons at the front desk?
  4. Did they make it easy to schedule an appointment?
  5. Was the dentist friendly and caring?
  6. Was the experience good?
  7. Do they donate their skills and time to charitable causes?

7. Does the dentist make it easy to use insurance and provide transparency on pricing?

One of the most important indicators of a good dental facility is pricing transparency. Prices will fluctuate from one dental practice to another.

To get a better idea about pricing, it’s best to ask what the charges are for standard dental work such as cleanings, fillings, and crown work as well as for more specialized dental work such as porcelain veneers and dental implants.

If you have dental insurance, you’ll also want to make sure they accept it. Remember, even with insurance, most people still must pay a part of the cost themselves. When possible, ask for itemized breakdowns of the costs per procedure to ensure consistent, fair charges. In the end, you want to go to a dentist that you trust with not only your teeth but that you also trust will charge you fair and consistent prices.


  1. Inquire with the dental practice if they accept dental insurance.
  2. Request pricing for common dental work such as tooth cleanings, dental crowns, orthodontics, etc.

8. Does the dentist have the latest equipment in dental technology?

One big sign of a well-run dental practice is clean, modern facilities. This may include everything from the reception and waiting room to the medical equipment available in the individual patient rooms. The best dental practices will have well-maintained, up-to-date spaces that speak to the care and attention to detail of the doctors and dental staff. Clean facilities are also of obvious medical benefit. Meanwhile, having the latest dental equipment is critical for providing the best care.


  1. Check out the website for the dentist and see if photographs are available and check out information about services.
  2. If you take advantage of a consultation, request a tour of the facility.
  3. Observe reviews and mentions of the service and treatment.

9. Does the dentist provide you with basic and advanced dental services?

You will want to know if the dentist has all the dental services you and your family will ever need and available in-house. This is a significant differentiator and one that can save you time and money.


  1. Check out the list of services on the dentist's website.
  2. Check out the website to ensure there is a staff of dental professionals who specialize in specific services.

10. Are the dental facilities clean and comfortable?

The most important consideration for any patient is personal comfort. Because of the highly personal nature of a dentist-patient relationship, you’ll want to feel comfortable and cared for by your dentist. You should feel unconcerned about sharing personal medical histories or the reasons for your treatment or what dental results you wish to achieve. Transparent and efficient communications between you and your dentist if the key to not only great results but also an active, long-term dentist-patient relationship.


  1. Do you trust that the dentist has your best interests at heart?
  2. Do you feel like your dentist is listening to your wants and needs?
  3. Does the dentist and dental team make you feel valued and provide you with great care?

Are you considering a dentist in Concord, California? We hope you will take a close look at Willow Pass Dental Care. Schedule a consultation today by calling 925-326-6114 or complete our online form below to schedule an appointment.