Dental Implants: A Life Changing Experience

Dr. Reza Written by Dr. Reza Khazaie

Jill, who recently completed her new dental implant smile makeover, said, “I am really never going to have dental problems for the rest of my life. Hopefully, I’ll live another 35 years; I’m done, I don’t have to worry.

Besides the fact that I had periodontal disease, I had also fallen, so I had an abscess under my top front teeth. So this was the issue that was making this so pressing for me.

Yes, I was in pain. There were some questions as if I was going to lose my top front teeth, and it came to where I could not put this off any longer.

“With the teeth that she had before, most of her teeth were failing because of periodontal disease. She could maintain them, but she had to be very cautious with what she’s eating, how she cleans them, the care her teeth required. What changed for her life is she no longer had to worry anymore.

I’m sure that people that have periodontal disease or other dental problems will know what I am saying when I say that there is a lot of pressure, it’s something you worry about every day when your worried your teeth might fall out.

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“I am really never going to have dental problems for the rest of my life. I’m done, I don’t have to worry.”


Teeth Are A Very Personal Thing

Teeth are a very personal thing.

We use them every day, but also they are very tied to our appearance and how we feel about ourselves and especially knowing for a while that I was going to have potential dentures or some other tooth problem — this would weigh on me. That becomes very exhausting to have this worry in the back of your mind — are your teeth going to fall out. Is something going to happen while you are on vacation? Over time that becomes a lot of pressure. So it’s wonderful to have this taken care of and to have my mouth be complete.

I feel it looks better but also gives me the security that I can eat what I want; I don’t have to worry I’M DONE.

Dr. Reza’s Goal

Dr. Reza Khazaie - Dentist Concord, CA

Dr. Reza says, “In our office, my goal is to make our patients happy. The first thing I ask is, what do they want. What kind of smile do they want? My goal is to keep that happiness by making them happy with the end result.”

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There is Nothing Cookie Cutter About Dental Implants

Dental implants are not cookie cutting treatments.

We are not dealing with cars. We’re dealing with the human body, and EVERYTHING has to be customized.

We don’t have just one treatment for our patients. It’s not just replacing the teeth with only one technique. There are so many different ways to do that.

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What Jill Says About Dr. Reza Khazaie

Concord CA Dentist - Prosthodontist

Jill says, “You owe it to yourself to look into dental implants.”

“You owe it to yourself to learn about what the pros are.”

“Dr. Reza makes it easy as possible, and it’s just one day for the procedure.”

“The pain is minimal, and it’s a life-changing thing if you are facing severe dental issues.”

“It will be life-changing.”