5 Best Ways to Sparkling White Teeth

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The 5 Best Ways To Sparkling White Teeth - Concord CA Dentist

Teeth Whitening:  Today, Tomorrow, and Forever

A great smile is a hallmark of real beauty and one that lasts forever. Even visible signs of aging during late adulthood can’t diminish a dazzling, attractive smile.

Smiling is so important, that possessing a brilliant smile does more to make you look younger, healthier, and sexier than any face cream, botox, or even cosmetic surgery.

One of the most critical aspects of a great smile is a set of dazzling white teeth. This is also one area that, despite being considered necessary by many, can be difficult to achieve. Whether as a result of an incorrigible coffee habit or the simple passage of time, maintaining whiter teeth is no easy feat. The vast majority of us would love to have whiter teeth.

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“Consulting with a prosthodontist and undergoing a teeth whitening procedure is perhaps the fastest and most efficient way to achieve whiter teeth.”


Reasons Why Whiter Teeth Are Difficult To Attain

The number one reason our teeth don’t shine the way we would like is that, quite naturally, because of daily exposure to substances in the form of food and drinks, that erode, damage, or stain them.

Our teeth are functional tools, not just aesthetic elements, that must withstand much wear and tear on a continuous basis. Even when we aren’t exposing our teeth to abrasives, acids, and bacteria-fueling sugars during our meals and snacks, our teeth must continually deal with other threats such as dental plaque, gingival inflammation, and other hazards which can wear away the enamel over time.

5 Reasons for Yellow Teeth

1. Eating oily and highly acidic foods.

Yellow Teeth - Crunch Foods

Eating tough, crunchy foods can make a dramatic effect on your teeth over time. You should avoid acidic and oily foods that will erode the enamel on your teeth over time. Grease can also be very potent in staining your teeth.

2. Avoid sugar.

Soft Drinks and Sodas

Avoid beverages and sweets high in sugars and acidity such as sodas. Even juices, coffee, and tea can be dangerous for your enamel. If you must-have beverages high in sugar, consider using a straw to bypass your teeth.

Create new eating habits and substitute snacks that have high amounts of sugar with alternatives such as these.

Keep in mind consuming sugar is like a slow death. It will catch up with you sometime — it is not good for you. Avoid it. There are plenty of good alternatives on the market that are healthy but taste very good.

3. Smoking & Tobacco

Yellow Teeth: Smoking - Tobacco use

Smoking or using tobacco products is not only incredibly harmful to your body as a whole, but it’s also terrible for your teeth. Tobacco use, whether it is chewed, smoked, or vaped attacks teeth in many ways which can lead to yellowing over time.  Tobacco products are proven to produce staining byproducts, such as tar, that can quickly and permanently stain teeth. Furthermore, tobacco use also leads to decreased saliva production and dry mouth. Saliva plays a crucial role in not only keeping microbes in check but also remineralizing and repairing dental enamel. Tobacco can also be the cause of oral diseases and suppress the immune system leading to infections, dental rot, and bad teeth.

4. Neglecting Dental Hygiene


Neglecting dental hygiene is another surefire way to guarantee yellow teeth. Many people make the mistake of conflating dental hygiene with whitening products. Although a whitening toothpaste can give better whitening results, using any fluoridated toothpaste coupled with a proper brushing technique and daily flossing will go a long way towards controlling enamel-destroying germs. When regular brushing and flossing are neglected, bacterial populations can quickly explode and lead to discoloration over time.

5. Aging

Benefits of Dental Implants: Can Last A Lifetime - concord dentists

Aging is unavoidable. Over time, even well-maintained teeth will suffer from wear and tear and can exhibit signs of discoloration. As people age, whiter enamel tends to thin exposing and revealing the underlying dentin which is yellow.

Sometimes, even if you are young, careful about what you eat and drink, don’t smoke, and brush and floss every day you still may not have whiter teeth or the perfect shade of white. Many people are just born with dental enamel that is naturally a couple shades yellower than they would prefer. 

Like many human diseases and conditions, genetics plays a significant and sometimes seemingly insurmountable role in determining a person’s health. Luckily, however, even for those of us for whom all five of the above reasons are applicable, there are solutions and methods for attaining the brilliant white smile we’ve always wanted.

5 Ways To Sparkling White Teeth

#1: Brush and Floss Every Day

Oral-B Pro-Health All-in-One Manual Toothbrush

As simple as it sounds, brushing and flossing every day, preferably with a fluoridated toothpaste and a soft brush head, is the easiest, cheapest, and the most effective way to attain whiter teeth. Some patients may find that tooth-whitening toothpaste and other dental products, such as whitening strips, are helpful. Others may not. What is indispensable, however, is a rigorous habit of brushing and flossing lead to whiter teeth.

#2: Natural Whitening Products

Coconut oil for white teeth Coconut oil - white teeth For those who prefer to avoid the harsher synthetic whitening products on the market, there are numerous natural and safe ways to whiter teeth that can be done at home with a minimal budget and minimal time commitment.

Popular natural whitening strategies include making your own toothpaste with hydrogen peroxide, a potent anti-bacterial, and baking soda.

Other DIY techniques include coconut oil pulling, swishing your mouth with probiotic apple cider vinegar, and brushing to achieve whiter teeth with charcoal. While natural products are great when utilized correctly and with realistic expectations in mind, they are a great supplement to daily brushing and flossing. However, don’t expect your coconut oil to give you a red-carpet smile. For that, you’ll need to see a real professional: a Prosthodontist.

#3: Watch What You Eat

Heathy Teeth - Eating Choices

While many products focus on teeth whitening, it is equally as important to avoid exposing your teeth to substances and elements that can diminish their shine. That means you’ll have to watch what you eat and drink as well as avoid partaking in bad habits, such as smoking and alcohol, that can discolor enamel.

#4: Get Regular Dental Exams


Regular dental exams are essential steps to whiter teeth for three key reasons: first, the dentist can thoroughly check for any dental conditions or concerns that could lead to damaged or discolored teeth, such as dental caries.

Second, a dental examination typically entails a professional cleaning that can often remove hard to reach plaque, tartar, and calculus.

Finally, seeing a dentist is often also about education. The dentist can answer your questions about how you can achieve whiter teeth providing key insights and useful recommendations.

#5: See a Prosthodontist

Dr. Reza Khazaie

Consulting with a prosthodontist and undergoing a teeth whitening procedure is perhaps the fastest and most efficient way to achieve whiter teeth. This in-office solution typically involves one of many proprietary teeth whitening techniques that share similar treatment characteristics: a concentrated whitening gel and a blue light designed to aid the whitening process. There are also professional procedures that blend in-office treatments and at-home solutions by providing take-home trays or mouthpieces.

Sometimes, however, even professional teeth whitening can’t repair badly broken, misaligned, or severely discolored or disfigured teeth. In these cases, other cosmetic dentistry solutions, such as porcelain veneers or dental implants, may be more efficient. In any case, the first step to getting professional whiter teeth is to consult with a prosthodontist.

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