When It Comes To Your Teeth, Be Choosy

Your teeth are an important asset. More importantly, they are extremely limited. In a person’s lifetime, they will only ever grow a single set of adult teeth. These permanent teeth must last a person their entire adult life. Unfortunately, when it comes to choosing an orthodontist, or even a general family dentist, many people make simple mistakes that end up unnecessarily costing them not only a lot of money but sometimes their natural teeth as well.

Too many times, patients go to a fly-by-night dentist offering orthodontic services without the actual training or know-how to do the work correctly. In the end, the patient must bear the cost of not only finding a real orthodontist to fix the prior poor handiwork but may also have permanently damaged teeth.

Signs of bad orthodontic work include crooked teeth despite treatment, uneven wear, and temporomandibular pain (TMJ disorder) among many others. You and your family can keep from falling prey to bad dentists by avoiding the following five mistakes:

5 Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing An Orthodontist

1. Not doing background research (due diligence)

The Internet is a wonderful tool. In the past, patients had to rely on direct word of mouth from friends, family, and acquaintances. Finding the right doctor took a concerted effort and days of patiently waiting for the information to trickle back to you.

Today, thanks to various review sites, dental health forums, even Yelp, patients looking for an orthodontist can peruse through thousands of personal reviews to find the best dentists and orthodontists in mere minutes. While finding and comparing orthodontic practitioners is easier than ever, that doesn’t mean you can skip doing your due diligence. Even highly-rated dental clinics may not be the right fit if they don’t have a highly experienced orthodontist on staff. In fact, skipping the research is a surefire recipe for disaster.

2. Not checking your insurance

60 percent of Americans have some form of dental insurance. However, not everyone checks with their insurance prior to selecting an orthodontist to see whether their orthopedics procedures are covered, if so how much, and whether or not their doctor is in or out of their dental insurer’s network. Opting to stay in network and only get work done that is covered by your insurance is a great way to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Getting uncovered “cosmetic” orthodontic work done by an out-of-network doctor can, on the other hand, result in hundreds or even thousands of dollars of unforeseen costs. If you’re unsure if you have dental insurance, check with your employer. If you’re unsure of the benefits you will receive you can contact our office at 925-326-6114 and we will help determine what benefits you have and if Willow Pass Dental Care can assist you with your insurance.

3. Not checking your orthodontist’s credentials

Remember, a dentist is not necessarily qualified to do orthodontic work even though all orthodontists are trained and licensed dentists. A trained and licensed orthodontist must go through additional years of training beyond dental school as well as complete rigorous hands-on training focused on orthodontics.

Some dentists who have not been certified to do orthodontic work may still claim they can provide quality orthodontics. Do not take that chance. Always check to make sure that the orthodontist of your choice is really, truly a trained and certified orthodontist like what you would find at Willow Pass Dental Care.

4. Waiting too long to choose an orthodontist

One big mistake many families make is waiting too long to select and see an orthodontist. This is particularly true for children. Many parents assume that children can outgrow bad, crooked teeth. This is not the case. Children as young as seven years of age can benefit from orthodontic treatments. Ultimately, parents should be taking their children for regular checkups at a dentist’s office like Willow Pass Dental Care, where it can be determined whether or not orthodontic treatment is necessary.

5. Prioritizing geographic convenience

While it may be tempting to simply go to the closest dental clinic or the nearest orthodontist practice, don’t let convenience trump other factors including the quality of the work produced by an orthodontist. When it comes to your teeth, it’s worth it to get it done right. With that in mind, prioritize quality and experience even if it means driving another ten minutes to an orthodontist with a great record and a history of producing great results.

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