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Affordable Dentures


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My goal is to help you find the information you need to make an informed decision about affordable dentures and other tooth restoration options. I hope you will find what you are looking for in my Guide to Affordable Dentures.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask by sending me an email at and my team or I will get back to you. Make sure to put in the subject line: Affordable Dentures.

Enjoy the guide.

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What Are Dentures?

What Are Dentures? - Dentists Concord CA

Dentures Today

Most people think of dentures as old-fashioned prosthetics from a bygone era.

However, you may be surprised to learn that dentures are still very much a part of modern dentistry and prosthodontics.

According to the American College of Prosthodontists, 90 percent of edentulous (toothless) patients rely on dentures to meet their daily functional and aesthetic needs. Of that number, 15 percent have a new set of dentures made every single year.

Dentures today are a far cry from the old and clumsy false teeth of the past.

Modern materials and manufacturing techniques allow for the custom fabrication of dentures that not only fit perfectly but also look great as well. They can even be prototyped in hours as opposed to weeks.

Modern Dentures - Concord Dentist

What Are Modern Dentures?

Modern dentures often referred to as “false teeth,” are prosthetic devices designed to replace missing teeth. Like the false teeth of the past, conventional dentures today are still made from artificial materials and are supported by a patient’s gums to stay in place.

New technologies in dentures allow for a variety of new forms depending on the individual needs of the patient.

These include partial dentures and implant-retained (permanent) dentures, to name a few.

These new types of dentures share some similarities with conventional dentures but differ drastically in design and application. Partial dentures, for example, rely on adjacent teeth for support. Meanwhile, implant-retained dentures mechanically fasten to underlying jaw bone via dental implants.

In addition to these new types of dentures are technologically advanced materials. In the past, dentures have been made from everything from animal ivory to wood. Today, dentures can be made from a variety of long-lasting and aesthetic dental-grade materials including resin, acrylic, porcelain ceramic, zirconia, metal alloys, or a combination of these materials.

Rapid advancements in digital scanning, 3D printing, and CAD/CAM fabrication have made custom dentures more accessible and technologically advanced than ever before.

As recently as a decade ago, the vast majority of custom dentures required an artisan’s input. Whether it be a dentist taking a dental impression, a lab technician sculpting a stone mold, or a prosthodontist putting finishing touches on a custom design --- denture fabrication wasn’t that far removed from its artisanal roots. Hand making anything, let alone a set of highly intricate teeth, takes time, and can be very costly. Today oral data is taken digitally, with the assistance of an oral scanner. It is then modeled in a computer CAD/CAM program and then printed with precise details with little need for an artisan’s hand -- thus less time and yes, less cost.

Characteristics of Modern Dentures

  • Removable Dentures - Concord CA Dentist

    Removable (except for implant-retained dentures)

  • Affordable Dentures - dentist in Concord CA

    Custom-crafted to fit your mouth

  • Types of Dentures - dentist concord

    Can be partial or full dentures

  • Quality Materials for Dentures - Dentist Concord CA

    Made from resin, acrylic, porcelain, zirconia, or a hybrid of materials

  • Dentures and gums - Dentist Concord CA

    Supported by the gums (except for implant-retained dentures)

  • Dentures refitting - Dentist Concord CA

    Require periodic refitting and replacement

  • Dentists Concord CA Dental Chair

    Requires less time in dental chair

  • What Are The Alternatives To Dentures? - Dentists Concord CA

    Less expensive for quality dentures

Where Did Dentures Originate?

There is no one-recorded inventor or moment in history that gave us the modern removable denture as we know it.

Even recent innovations such as partial dentures and implant-retained dentures were built on the gradual accumulation of past knowledge.

What we do know is that human beings have been playing around with the idea of dentures for millennia. The ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Etruscans, and Chinese all had their opinions on dentures. Nearly every ancient civilization had some ideas about how to best replace missing teeth from using river pebbles to metal wire and even animal teeth.

In more recent history, one famous example of dentures is George Washington’s famous wooden teeth. In reality, there is no actual evidence that the famed founding father ever sported wooden teeth. Instead, historical documents point to Washington using metal wires, screws, and ivory amongst other notably ineffective methods.

Thankfully, modern dentures have significantly progressed since the 18th and 19th centuries when everything from solid gold to vulcanite was experimented with for tooth replacement or restoration.

The discovery and application of acrylic resin and other plastics revolutionized tooth restoration. For many, it’s this early adaptation of plastics that they think of when they think of their grandparent’s dentures. However, it wasn’t until 1986 when the light-cured acrylic resin was introduced to the marketplace. Finally, prosthodontists had materials that could be easily shaped to a custom form then rapidly cured.

This was the advent of today's modern dentures.

How Are Modern Dentures Better?

Compared to the “old-school” dentures of your grandparents, modern dentures are significantly more advanced. They’re stronger, lighter, more durable, better looking, accurate fitting, and most importantly, they are typically custom made and custom-fitted.

So how are modern dentures different than the dentures of old?

  • Removable Dentures - Concord CA Dentist

    Custom made for each person

  • Affordable Dentures - dentist in Concord CA


  • Types of Dentures - dentist concord

    More resilient

  • Quality Materials for Dentures - Dentist Concord CA

    Longer lasting

  • What Are Affordable Dentures? - Concord Dentists


  • Dentures and gums - Dentist Concord CA

    More stain resistant

  • Dentures refitting - Dentist Concord CA

    Better looking

  • Dentists Concord CA Dental Chair

    Easier to manufacture

  • What Are The Alternatives To Dentures? - Dentists Concord CA

    Less expensive

  • Affordable Dentures - Concord Dentist

    Faster production

While PMMA plastic introduced in the 1930s has been in use since that time in dental applications, methodologies, and techniques for making dentures, it has evolved and changed drastically since that time.

The introduction of an injection molding system in the 1970s and the advent of rapid polymerization in the 1980s made fabrication more predictable, resulting in better fits and better long term viability.

Meanwhile, high-impact PMMA began appearing in dentures in the 2000s.

Standard heat-cured PMMA can be somewhat brittle when cured and prone to breakage when dropped or weakened over time as a result of mastication (chewing).

PMMA - Ply Methyl Methacrylate


Finally, when it comes to aesthetics, there is simply no comparison. Old school dentures were manufactured from a single block of conventional pink. However, when you look at a person’s gums and teeth, there are many subtle contours and grooves, pigmentation, and small details such as delicate veining.

One thing that could make old school dentures jarring to look at was the clash of monolithic pink PMMA with the rest of a person’s oral cavity. Today, custom dentures can be manufactured from a semi-translucent resin material to allow the gums to be visible. Furthermore, many resin materials can be color-matched to the exact color of the patient’s gums.

PMMA Color Matching - Dentist in Concord CA

Color-toning kits containing fine piments can be blended into each batch of denture-bound acrylic to provide even more considerable color variation. Characterization, weather by hand or during fabrication,  also contribute to the more lifelike appearance of modern conventional dentures.

Modern dentures can meet the high aesthetic and functional demands of today’s dental patients. High-quality PMMA dentures custom designed and fitted not only look great but they are also durable and can last a long time.

In the past, replacing worn down or broken dentures was a nearly a yearly affair. Today, custom dentures can be worn for years at a time before requiring a refitting or replacement.

Moreover, with the rise of digital scanning techniques, chair-side fabrication, and one-day dentures, the process of getting a brand new set of lifelike replacement teeth is as easy as ever.

What Are The Different Types of Dentures?

You may be surprised to learn that there are many different kinds of dentures, not just the traditional full dentures.

Dentures come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can serve to replace a few teeth, or they can restore an entire arch of teeth.

Some dentures are removable, while some are permanent.

This chapter of our guide will help you learn the ins and outs of the various types of dentures.

There are four primary types of dentures:

  1. Full (complete) removable dentures
  2. Partial removable dentures
  3. Fixed or cantilever bridge dentures
  4. Implant-supported dentures
Types of Dentures - Concord dentist

Prosthodontists also make use of temporary dentures; however, these are generally limited in use and functionality and will not be covered in this guide.

Each denture type can be used for different specific situations and come with their strengths and weaknesses. For example, full dentures are only used for a completely edentulous, or toothless, patient.

The Kinds of Dentures for Replacing Missing Teeth

Dentures come in four primary types that are generally differentiated from one another by two qualities: extent and removability.

Some denture types are used to replace an entire arch of teeth. These include full (complete) dentures and implant-supported (All-On-4) dentures.

There are denture types such as partial dentures and bridge dentures that only replace some teeth. In other words, the scope and extent of the different denture interventions set them apart.

Another characteristic that sets one type of dentures apart from another is removability.

Full (complete) dentures and partial dentures are removable.

Meanwhile, bridge dentures and implant-supported dentures are generally not removable without professional expertise and assistance.

The four types of dentures are as follows:

  • Full (Complete) Dentures
  • Partial Dentures
  • Bridge Dentures (Fixed and Cantilever)
  • Implant-supported Dentures (All-On-4 Dental Implants or similar)

To help you understand the nuances of each type of denture, I'll explain each one so that you can make the best decision when it comes to dentures.

1. Removable Full (Complete) Dentures

Full Dentures

Full dentures are what most people think of when they think of dentures. These removable stalwarts of the cosmetic dentistry field haven’t changed much in essence from the dentures your grandparents had. They still consist of two full arches of artificial teeth and gums that replace a person’s missing teeth.

Generally, full dentures are only worn when all the teeth have gone missing or are needing removal due to decay or periodontal disease. If a person still has natural teeth remaining, a partial denture or bridge dentures might be a better solution.

What makes dentures, so universally popular is that they are an economical and straightforward solution to the problem of missing teeth.

Full dentures require no surgery or artificial oral attachments. Instead, they are held in place by simple suction with the aid of special denture paste adhesives. With new innovation around scanning and fabrication technologies, custom dentures have vastly improved. Today patients can have better quality, better fitting, and ultimately more comfortable dentures than ever before.

Today’s dentures, compared to dentures from even a few years ago, can be fabricated chairside from a digital model using 3D imaging with the aid of CAD/CAM technology.  This has created a rise in on-demand custom dentures since prosthodontists can prototype and fit various styles of dentures for their patients often in a single visit.

Modern custom dentures should fit your mouth seamlessly and comfortably. When properly designed, fabricated, and fitted, you should not have to worry about a pair of modern dentures accidentally falling out of your mouth unprovoked.

Dentures are an excellent way for edentulous (toothless) patients to get a brand new set of teeth and an attractive and functional smile.

2. Partial Dentures

Partial Denture

Partial dentures are, as the name suggests, cut down versions of full complete dentures.

Unlike full dentures that are designed to replace an entire arch, partial dentures are only intended to replace a limited number of teeth.

Partials are great for patients with some natural teeth remaining that are looking for an aesthetic and economical way to replace their missing teeth. Not to be confused with dental bridge dentures, partial dentures can be removed and replaced just like conventional dentures.

Also, like conventional dentures, partial dentures typically consist of a tooth replacement attached to a gum-colored base or affixed to a rigid metal framework. They can be made from flexible plastic or rigid cast metal.

Like conventional full dentures, partial dentures are highly economical. They are an effective and efficient way for patients to replace a limited number of missing teeth without the need to undergo surgery. Better yet, with the right equipment, partial dentures can sometimes be manufactured at the dental clinic itself, allowing patients to receive brand new teeth with a single appointment.

3. Bridge Dentures (Fixed, Implant-Supported, and Cantilever)

Bridge Dentures

Many patients confuse dental bridge dentures with partial dentures. While they fulfill a similar role, they are two very different teeth replacement solutions.

Unlike partial dentures, bridge dentures are not easily removed or replaced. Also, unlike partial dentures, bridges dentures are supported by adjacent teeth, not by the soft tissues of the gums or by a rigid metal framework.

Bridge dentures are generally separated into three primary varieties: fixed bridge dentures, implant-supported bridge dentures, and cantilever bridge dentures.

Adjacent healthy teeth support all three types of bridge dentures in some form. These types of dentures “bridge,” a gap where teeth are missing. However, where they differ is in the exact mechanism of support.

4. Implant-Supported Bridge Denture

Implant-Supported Fixed Denture

Implant-supported bridge dentures, for example, are supported by one or two implants that hold the bridge in place. However, with a single implant-supported bridge system, adjacent teeth can still be used to help counteract centripetal forces and prevent the prosthetic from rotating around its point of attachment. Implant-supported bridges are great when nearby teeth aren’t up to the task of supporting a conventional fixed bridge or cantilever bridge.

5. Conventional Fixed Bridge Denture

Fixed Bridge Denture

With a conventional fixed bridge denture, two crowns are placed on either side of an edentulous (toothless) area. These adjacent crowns provide support for a prosthetic piece that literally “bridges” the gap. The placement of dental crowns, however, requires the removal of some natural enamel on the adjacent teeth to accommodate the thickness of the crown material.

6. Cantilever Bridge Denture

Cantilever Bridge Denture

For some, shaving down adjacent healthy teeth isn’t feasible or what they want. In that case, a prosthodontist may recommend a cantilever dental bridge.

Unlike a conventional bridge, a cantilever dental bridge is supported by a single fixed attachment point, typically an individual crown. The rest of the bridge then cantilevers over the edentulous area. This can reduce the amount of natural dental material that needs to be removed to accommodate a second crown. It is also easier to install. However, cantilever bridges come at the cost of reduced strength and resilience. Without the second attachment point, cantilever bridges are more prone to warping, being damaged, or accidental breakage.

7. All-On-4 Dental Implants (Implant-supported Dentures)

Illustration of All-On-4 Dental Implants

Imagine traditional removable dentures that are fixed in place with dental implants. That’s what implant-supported dentures are. Just like regular dentures, implant-supported dentures consist of two full arches of artificial teeth and gums. However, unlike regular full dentures, implant-supported dentures sit on several strategically placed dental implants rather than directly on a person’s gums.

Dentures can be supported with as few as four dental implants per arch, though some can have up to six or even eight supporting dental implants. Implant-supported dentures that utilize the minimum number of required implants (four dental implants) are often referred to as All-On-4 dental implants.

All-On-4 dental implants are an excellent solution for complete edentulism for several reasons.

First, All-On-4 dental implants eliminate one of the most significant potential weaknesses of traditional dentures. They are fixed in place, which means you’ll never have to worry about them accidentally shifting in your mouth or, even worse, falling out at an inopportune moment.

Furthermore, the use of dental implants helps to stimulate the jaw bone underneath your gums. While your jaw bone might seem like it has nothing to do with your dentures, the type of dentures you choose will have a direct impact on the shape of your face, and the way you look. Dental roots provide natural stimulation to your jaw bone, which tells your body to retain the bone depth and density. This, in turn, keeps your face looking full and young.

Patients who lose their teeth suffer from something known as bone resorption. When bone resorption occurs, your jaw and facial bones waste away, giving your face a hollowed-out and aged appearance. This is highly problematic for patients with traditional dentures since regular removable teeth do not replace missing dental roots.

Implant-supported dentures and other implant-supported solutions do replace missing dental roots. Embedded dental implants penetrate through the gums and into the bone below, allowing stimulating forces to transfer from the mouth into the jaw. As a result, patients who opt for All-On-4 dental implants can expect bone resorption to be minimal.

Willow Pass Dental Care Patient with Dr. Reza Khazaie - Dentist in Concord, CA

How Are Dentures Made?

Once upon a time, humans used whatever we could find, and whatever was conveniently at hand to replace our missing teeth. From raw animal bones to intricate contraptions of screws and wires, and even the teeth of other fellow human beings, our resourceful ancestors worked with whatever they had.

It's a good thing dentistry and dentures have come a long way since the days of wooden teeth or teeth made from carved ivory. The modern process for making replacement teeth in the form of dentures is far more complex and produces much better results. From a historical perspective, there is no better time to be receiving dentures.

However, that doesn't mean the process of evolving and improving the denture-making process has stopped. Even today, new innovations from the utilization of CAD/CAM technology to 3D printing are just now making their mark on the manufacturing process. Where once patients had little choice about the construction, type, and the look of their dentures, today they can enjoy a plethora of options that are increasing in functional and aesthetic quality every single year.

Prosthodontists also make use of temporary dentures; however, these are generally limited in use and functionality and will not be covered in this guide.

Each denture type can be used for different specific situations and come with their strengths and weaknesses. For example, full dentures are only used for a completely edentulous, or toothless, patient.

How Dentures Are Made

Today, there are two primary processes for making modern dentures: a conventional casting process and a new digitized 3d printing process. Even more confusingly, there are a number of fabrication methods that might utilize aspects of both. For example, one dental clinic might take a digitized approach to impression-taking but utilize conventional casting techniques for the actual fabrication. Likewise, another dental clinic might take impressions manually and create an initial cast that is then scanned and digitized for a 3d printing workflow. There is currently no uniform process for how to make dentures. That’s why it is important to ask your dental clinic of choice about the exact process by which they will craft your custom dentures.

3 Processes for crafting dentures:

  • Conventional Casting
  • Digitized 3D Printing
  • Hybrid (Mix & Match)

Process 1: Conventional Casting

The conventional casting process is the most popular manufacturing process today. It is a tried and true workflow that has been developed and perfected over the past few decades. While a conventional casting process can produce highly aesthetic custom dentures, many are surprised by the level of individual artisanal craftsmanship involved in the creation of a pair of custom teeth. From impression-taking to characterization, the conventional casting process is actually very hands-on.

Here’s how it works. In general, a conventional manufacturing process follows these steps:

  • 1


  • 2

    Preliminary plaster cast

  • 3


  • 4

    Secondary wax coat

  • 5

    Wax removal

  • 6

    Final acrylic cast

  • 7


  • 8


  • 9

    Final fit

1. Impression-taking

The conventional casting process always begins with the taking of physical impressions. This is accomplished with the use of a dental tray containing a material many dentists and patients call “pink goo," like what you see below. This dental tray is placed in your mouth to create a replica, or impression, of your existing oral conditions including the shape of your gums and mouth. Once this impression is taken, the specimen is sent to an off-site manufacturer.

How Are Dentures Made - Impression prep

Alternately, with a hybrid process, the physical impression might actually be scanned by a special specimen scanner that then recreates the information in digital form. This information can then be transmitted instantaneously through digital means.

CEREC in action - dentist in concord

2. Preliminary plaster cast

To transport a physical impression, the dentist or prosthodontist must create a hard, plaster cast to protect and preserve the initial impression. They will pour a wet plaster, or dental stone, into and around the impression to create a rigid cast that will not be easily damaged or distorted during shipping.

Dental stone - How are dentures made?

3. Articulation

Once the physical plaster impression or a digital file is received by the dental lab, the copy will be affixed to a device known as an “articulator”. This instrument is used to record positions of the mandibular (lower) teeth and maxillary (upper) teeth to adjust the bite.

Denture Articulator - How are dentures made

4. Secondary wax coat

When the dental technician is satisfied with the bite, he or she will begin sculpting a wax replica of the patient's gums and teeth using the stone impression as a formal basis and the articulator to ensure the wax replica matches a patient’s bite.

Acrylic teeth are also added at this time and attached to the wax cast. Upon completion, the wax replica is then sent back to the dental clinic for final approval by the prosthodontist. If approved, the replica is returned to the lab where the casting process enters its final phase.

Denture Articulator

5. Wax removal

After receiving the wax replica and final approval from the dental clinic, the wax form is placed into a special mold that is, in turn, put into a hot water bath. While the wax melts away, the initial dental stone impression along with acrylic teeth remain. What’s left behind are the original stone, teeth, and a negative space left behind by the melted wax in the shape of a patient's gums.

Denture wax removal process

6. Final acrylic cast

The empty form left behind by the wax removal process is finally filled with a special liquid acrylic injection. This liquid PMMA acrylic becomes the permanent basis of the final form and is the final finished cast.

7. Finishing

With the final acrylic form cured in place, the only thing left is the finishing process. This includes removal or divestment of the acrylic form from the mold. It also means cleaning up uncomfortably sharp edges, removing leftover debris from the various casting steps, and a final polish to give it a life-like gleam. After being finished, the prosthetic is ready to be fitted into a patient’s mouth.

Denture finishing - final dentures

8. Characterization

Prior to the final fit, a skilled prosthodontist will take some time to “characterize” the denture prosthetic. Much like an artisan craftsman might add decorative flourishes or personalized touches to a work of art, the prosthodontist will add visual character to the denture in the form of grooves, coloration, and even realistic veining.

This process, while optional, is important to give custom dentures an even more life-like appearance. A skilled prosthodontist or experienced lab technician can often add little visual touches that make an expertly-crafted set of dentures difficult to distinguish from real teeth and gums.

Best dentures

9. Final fit

Finally, with the denture finished, polished, and appropriately characterized, the final denture is placed into the patient’s mouth and tested for fit. If the whole process was executed flawlessly, from impression-taking and through the various casting steps, the final custom denture should fit perfectly.

With a conventional casting workflow, the whole process of crafting a denture may require multiple appointments from the patient and several weeks to complete.

dental implants - concord ca dentist

Process 2: Digitized 3D Printing

Digitization is changing the cosmetic dentistry industry. This process of change and evolution only goes to show that while we have come a long way since wooden teeth, we still have plenty of room for positive change and improvement.

One way digitization is changing conventional processes is with the use of digital oral scanning, CAD/CAM technologies, and especially 3D printing. These three crucial developments are transforming every aspect of how dentures can be made today.

For example, rather than dealing with messy physical impressions, dental clinics with digital intraoral scanning technology can simply use an intraoral wand to create an accurate and high fidelity digital impression. Not only is this much more comfortable for patients (no one likes a gooey dental tray, see process one above to see what I'm talking about), it also saves the dentist or prosthodontist time since they do not have to ship a physical impression to the lab. Instead, they can just send the digital scan file with a press of a button and the click of a mouse.

In general, a digitized 3D printing/manufacturing process follows these steps:

  • 1

    Digital scan

  • 2

    Translation and transmittal

  • 3

    3D print

  • 4

    Assembly (optional)

  • 5


  • 6


  • 7

    Final fit

1. Digital scan

With digital scanning, patients and doctors can both skip the potentially messy impression trays. Instead, the dentist will utilize a simple intraoral scanner, such as a TRIOS 3 intraoral scanner, that can be used to generate a very precise digital replica of a patient’s mouth. Better yet, there’s a much lower chance for errors since digital data doesn’t have to be taken by hand, preserved through a hand-poured cast, then shipped to a lab.

It’s a simple two-step process: take a digital reading with an intraoral scanner, then transmit the data to a computer virtually anywhere.

Intraoral scanner

2. Translation and transmittal

The data and information generated by the intraoral scanner are usually transmitted to a computer where a specialized CAD/CAM software is used to reconstruct the patient's mouth in digital 3D. Furthermore, CAD/CAM programs allow prosthodontists or lab technicians to manipulate each patient’s unique digital impression.

Some programs even allow dentists to create a digital reconstruction of what the final denture will look like for patients to review prior to actual fabrication.

CEREC in action - dentist in concord

3. 3D print

Once both the prosthodontist and patient are satisfied with the digital model, the 3D model is then sent to either in-house equipment or to a dental lab for 3D printing.

Advanced dental clinics like Willow Pass Dental Care can manufacture chair-side. What this means is that the denture itself can be manufactured immediately on-site which drastically reduces the amount of time a patient has to wait for their new teeth. Even if final dentures are produced by an off-site fabricator with more advanced 3d printing capabilities, many dental clinics have in-house printing units capable of producing physical mockups and even temporary dentures for patients to wear and review while they wait for their permanent dentures to arrive.

Carbon 3D Technology

4. Assembly

Not all 3D printing processes are monolithic in nature. While it is possible to CNC mill a single denture prosthetic from a single block of PMMA plastic material, many dental clinics prefer to use a multi-step printing process. Typically, the gums or dental base are printed separately from the actual teeth. This allows the gums to be made from pink PMMA and the teeth to be made from a different acrylic material or even porcelain.

Once both components have been printed or crafted, they are then assembled to create the final permanent dentures.

Dentures - 3D printing process

5. Finishing

Just as with a conventional casting process, some finishing is often required.

For 3D printed dentures, this could mean removing excess printing material, dissolving support materials, and cutting off the webbing.

Denture wax removal process

6. Characterization

This process, while optional, is important in order to give your custom dentures an even more life-like appearance.

A skilled prosthodontist or experienced lab technician can often add little visual touches that can make an expertly-crafted set of dentures difficult to distinguish from the real thing.

Dentures - skilled prosthodontist

7. Final fit

Finally, once the prosthetic is printed, cleaned, and polished, it’s time to check for fit and feel. If all goes well, the entire denture-making process could take as little as a week or two spread over two appointments.

Dental clinics like Willow Pass Dental Care, with advanced chairside manufacturing equipment, might even be able to craft a set of dentures in a single appointment.

Dentures - Concord, CA Dentist

A Quick Guide to Dental Restoration With Affordable Dentures

Affordable Dentures are simply removable prosthodontic appliances crafted and placed by a prosthodontist like Dr. Reza Khazaie, to treat tooth loss.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are the go-to solution for the vast majority of patients for treating partial or complete tooth loss or edentulism. About 90 percent of all patients with complete edentulism use dentures to not only improve their looks, but to also easily and efficiently restore many critical activities such as eating, speaking, and even smiling.

Affordable, Accessible, and Aesthetic

Dentures dominate the cosmetic dentistry market for tooth loss as a result of three crucial advantages: they are affordable, accessible, and they are highly aesthetic.

How Much Do Affordable Dentures Cost?

Compared to conventional individual dental implants which can cost patients as much as $2,500 to $4,500 per tooth or $140,000+ for a full-mouth replacement procedure, a complete set of dentures with 32 teeth can cost as little as $1,500 up to $4,000 per denture (upper and lower plates).

While conventional individual dental implants have significant advantages, the cost differential can be staggering. Not only do dentures cost significantly less than alternative solutions to edentulism, but they are also less invasive, require a short or no recovery period, and unlike implants, aren’t dependent on the quality and quantity of existing underlying bone structures. Patients who have been toothless for a period of time, lack adequate underlying jaw bone depth, or just can’t or are unwilling to put up with invasive surgery and subsequent recovery periods will find dentures to be a far more accessible solution.

They can also do wonders for a person’s looks. Dazzling, natural-looking dentures crafted and carefully fitted by a prosthodontist can produce stunningly beautiful results. Well-made and appropriately fitted they can help fill in a person's facial features giving a patient suffering from tooth loss a fuller, more youthful visage.

Beautiful prosthodontic appliances with straight teeth and perfect proportions allow patients to smile, laugh, and speak confidently as well as eat, chew and bite with ease. In your set of dentures is a perfect marriage of form and function that addresses both the aesthetic and practical concerns of a person suffering from tooth loss.

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4 Types of Affordable Dentures

Like any prosthodontic solution or appliance, there are different types of affordable dentures suited for different patients and a variety of needs.

Traditional dentures are typically divided into three broad categories: complete, partial, and implant-supported dentures.

The latter, which includes All-On-Four Dental Implants, relies on strategically placed dental implants for support and behave very differently from traditional removable dentures. To best determine which type of denture is right for you, consult with Dr. Reza Khazaie of Willow Pass Dental Care, known as the leading dentists in Concord, CA. Dr. Khazaie can best address your dental concerns and make the right recommendations for you.

Conventional Complete (Permanent) Denture

A Conventional Complete (Permanent) Denture is a final set of removable dentures that is only emplaced after all broken, rotten, or otherwise unsalvageable teeth have been removed and the gums have been given an adequate amount of time to heal and “settle.” This healing process typically takes 8 to 12 weeks.

Immediate Complete Denture

Immediate Complete Dentures, on the other hand, are fabricated before the extraction of errant teeth and the preparation of the gums and can be placed immediately which is why they are referred to as "same day dentures." While this eliminates the waiting period for a complete set of dentures, they are typically seen as a temporary solution since subsequent fittings will be required to determine the best, final fit.

Partial Denture

Partial Dentures are employed in cases where a patient has teeth remaining that are salvageable. Partial dentures fill in the spaces left by missing teeth. Typically, the salvaged original teeth adjacent to the area of edentulism receive preparatory work to receive and provide structural support for the partial denture prosthesis. These removable partial dentures, sometimes confused with fixed bridges, not only fill in areas of missing teeth, but they also ensure the remaining teeth do not migrate over time.

Implant-supported Denture or Permanent Dentures (i.e. All-on-Four Dental Implants)

Implant-Supported Dentures or sometimes referred to as permanent dentures are not considered traditional removable dentures in that they require a skilled prosthodontist like Dr. Khazaie, to remove and replace. Similar to a denture; however, the artificial teeth and gums are fabricated as a single monolithic component.

However, instead of being supported on the gums or periodontal layer, implant-supported dentures are attached to strategically embedded implants. While more expensive and more invasive than traditional dentures, implant-supported solutions provide some of the benefits of dental implants without higher costs.

Denture Downsides

While dentures are an affordable, accessible, and aesthetic solution to toothlessness, they aren’t totally without their drawbacks. Prospective denture recipients should be aware of these five removable denture limitations:

5 Things to Be Aware of
When It Comes to Affordable Dentures


  1. Loose, ill-fitting dentures can irritate gums and even fall out. This can cause social anxiety as well as general discomfort.
  2. Most dentures do not prevent bone loss. Except for implant-supported denture solutions, which rely on embedded implants to stimulate bone retention, most dentures do not provide adequate jawbone stimulation resulting in gradual atrophy of underlying bone structures.
  3. Removable dentures require some additional maintenance. Removable dentures must be taken out for cleaning and left to soak overnight. They may also suffer damage, such as chipping and cracking when handled roughly or exposed to hard foods.
  4. Traditional dentures need to be replaced every 4 or 5 years. While replacing is typically no trouble at all (you simply toss your old ones and place your new ones in your mouth), it will be added costs. The reason dentures must be replaced is a result of a gradual reduction in a person's underlying bone depth and density. Without teeth roots to stimulate and transfer bite forces into the bone beneath, atrophy inevitably occurs.
  5. Dentures require a period of acclimation. Typically, patients who receive dentures for the first time have to get used to the way they move and feel in their mouths. This may affect the way they eat and speak. However, after a few weeks of use most patients are able to resume daily activities at a high level. It is common for very minor irritation and an increase in saliva production to occur in the initial days and weeks, though these “growing pains” typically subside rather quickly.

It should be noted that many of the drawbacks mentioned above can be easily avoided with the use of quality dental materials and proper fitting. Remember, the best way to ensure your dental procedure is done right is to procure the services of a highly trained prosthodontist like Dr. Reza Khazaie who is widely respected in the dental community and has years of experience and a lengthy track record of happy patients.

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Leland M.

07/21/2021 - Google

“The staff was very friendly and attentive to me.”

Nolita M.

07/14/2021 - Google

“This was my first visit, and I was very nervous. The staff was so pleasant and welcoming my nervousness were minimized. Furthermore, my consultation experience with Dr. Reza made me...

Dave C.

07/05/2021 - Google

“Dr. Reza and his staff at Willow Pass Dental Care are amazing. I’m not a big fan of dentists due to a ton of work being done during my adolescent...

Dan D.

06/16/2021 - Google

“I love going to the dentist. My teeth have never been happier.”

Sheila W.

06/05/2021 - Google

“I love this dental office. Everyone is friendly and they do GREAT work.”

Jan, patient of Willow Pass Dental Care

Jan K.

06/05/2021 - Yelp

“I was a first-time patient recently at Willow Pass Dental. From the first phone call, to finishing a crown, every staff member was friendly, helpful and efficient. They have up-to-date...

Jon M.

05/14/2021 - Google

“So I’m not sure if they were just super nice initially so that they could lure me in and steal my kidneys, but this was hands down the most positive...

Kenneth J.

05/12/2021 - Yelp

“The staff are absolutely amazing and I have no complaints.”

Bakhtiyar K.

05/07/2021 - Google

“Wow, I just had the best cleaning. Luis did a GREAT job. Highly recommend!”

Jeff D.

05/05/2021 - Google

“Top notch, very pleasant staff, and Doctors all seem to be very good and are kind.”

Mary L.

05/03/2021 - Google

“Front desk staff are awesome. Great teamwork. 😀  Very helpful and understanding.”

Tim S.

04/28/2021 - Google

“This review is ten years overdue and should have been updated a couple few times since then. For about ten years, I have been driving 45 minutes from Napa (and...

Steven J.

04/28/2021 - Google

“I was really happy with my visit on April 26th on Monday morning! I had initially set up an appointment a month in advance and they were very helpful with...

James T.

04/23/2021 - Google

“Willow Pass Dental has a friendly and competent staff. They practice safe hygiene techniques in the time of Covid-19.”

Bernard J.

04/08/2021 - Google

“This is the best dentistry that I have been to. Everyone is very nice and understanding I am comfortable with whatever they have to do for my gums, teeth, and...

Paul R.

04/07/2021 - Google

“I have been using Willow Pass Dental Care for many years. They have a wonderful, professional staff and the doctors are incredibly talented and utilize the latest techniques and equipment...

Anne S.

03/27/2021 - Google

“Dr. Reza and staff at Willow Pass Dental Care are amazing. I had the all on 4 procedure done and it changed my life. Their professionalism and kindness guided me...

Lacey R.

03/23/2021 - Google

“I always get such excellent and friendly care! I’ve been a patient for many years and I plan on many more.”

Rae K.

03/19/2021 - Google

“Everyone in the dental office has customer service skills that go beyond most places. You could not ask for a better experience anywhere. Everything is state of the art. Willow...

Saundra T.

03/18/2021 - Google

“Efficient, friendly, gentle.”

Jack T.

03/17/2021 - Google

“Willow Pass Dental has been taking care of us for about 11 years. We had been going to a highly regarded private practice in Walnut Creek, but had to make...

Carol S.

03/17/2021 - Google

“Dr. Khan placed 2 new veneers on my front teeth. They look so much better than my old ones! He is very meticulous. The color of the new veneers match...

Patient of Willow Pass Dental Care

Vera W.

03/16/2021 - Google

“Highly, highly recommended! Why? Ultra professional. Lovely atmosphere. Friendliest staff, and the most important thing they’ve rescued (accepted) me when I didn’t know where to go. That is why!! Best...

Alexis H.

03/13/2021 - Google

“Doctor Khazaie did an exceptional job for what was a very dreaded procedure. He made me feel comfortable and the whole thing went flawlessly. The whole staff there is friendly...

Sterling B.

03/10/2021 - Google

“The folks here try to do Covid dentistry safely. While not sure this is possible, they do distancing, masks until they need to get to your teeth, and temp. checks....

Sandy K.

03/06/2021 - Google

“I recently had to get a crown fixed. I’m always nervous at the dentist but I can say that I felt great with the dental hygienist that helped the teeth...

Simon B.

03/04/2021 - Google

“Had a good experience. Told them I couldn’t wear a mask, so I waited outside and they were nice enough to get me from outside when it was my turn.”

Barbara H.

03/02/2021 - Google

“I just had my dental cleaning appt. again at Willow Pass Dental. They are thoroughly professional and really know what they are doing. My needs have run the gamut: fillings,...

Kim L.

03/01/2021 - Google

“As usual, a great cleaning and staff!”

Saoud A.

02/24/2021 - Yelp

“You feel welcome and comfortable from the moment you walk in.  The office staff are wonderful and friendly.  And Dr. Reza, Dr. Taimur, and the rest of the dental staff...

Jill L.

02/23/2021 - Google

“My crown broke on Sunday and I was devastated because it was my front tooth. I called Monday morning and received an appointment for the following day Tuesday. I went...

Louise S.

02/09/2021 - Google

“Dr. Khan provided an excellent, pain free experience along with a perfect outcome – a perfectly fitted crown that matches the shape of my bite. I could not be happier...

Sarah J.

02/04/2021 - Google

“The hygienist was just wonderful! Thank you!”

Karen S.

02/03/2021 - Google

“I had a wonderful experience at Willow Pass Dental Care. I am extremely fearful of the dentist but she was wonderful! Very relaxing and had excellent personal patient care. It’s...

Dorian L.

01/15/2021 - Google

“Really the best. Expert at what he’s doing, personable that includes his whole staff.”

Keri B.

01/13/2021 - DemandForce

“All the hygienists and dentists at Willow Pass have been exceptional, caring and kind. They are never too busy to walk me through a procedure or to help me understand...

Pamela R.

01/07/2021 - DemandForce

“As always, my visit was a pleasant experience. The staff are friendly and professional.”

Happy new patient of Dr. Reza Khazaie of Willow Pass Dental Care

Andrea A.

01/05/2021 - Yelp

“The team at Willow Pass Dental got me an emergency same day just two days after Christmas. I had a tooth abscess causing me the worst pain in my life,...

Denise M.

12/29/2020 - DemandForce

“Such an awesome dental office. I’m treated like a VIP. Such friendly staff and everyone is very professional and I enjoy going and seeing everyone there. Dr. Reza and his...

Nicholas K.

12/26/2020 - DemandForce

“Always a wonderful experience. Friendly, knowledgeable staff.”

Happy patient of Willow Pass Dental Care

Danny C.

12/21/2020 - Yelp

“Been going here for a while now. I have bad top teeth and it came time to pull them and get dentures. Dr. Khazaie and his staff were unbelievably awesome....

Cheryl J.

12/21/2020 - Google

“Excellent crew. Place is clean and staff is patient and kind. Teeth cleaned without any discomfort. Saw orthodontist, hygienist all in the same room. No down. This is the place...


12/16/2020 - Google

“I have been their patient getting to 10 years now and would always go back. The staff are all amazing starting from the front desk. I always get good and...

Mirela V.

12/12/2020 - Google

“Great experience every time I go in. My teeth feel amazing after every cleaning!”

Abdullah Q.

12/10/2020 - DemandForce

“Great stuff, very friendly environment and great service.”

Shannon L.

12/10/2020 - Google

“Very professional, and up to date technology. I would absolutely recommend Willow Pass Dental.”

Betty L.

12/08/2020 - Google

“Our family love coming here! Everyone is so helpful and the staff are always friendly.”

Joe K.

12/05/2020 - Google

“Having already had an awful experience at one dentist and a marginal one at another, I was not expecting much walking into Willow Pass Dental Care. I was floored by...

Margaret C.

12/03/2020 - DemandForce

“I have been going to Willow Pass Dental for many years. Everyone is so knowledgeable and friendly. I just got a crown made with a 3D printer. One visit, one...

Julissa M.

12/02/2020 - DemandForce

“Very welcoming, friendly, and thorough examination.”

Carrie B.

12/02/2020 - Google

“Willow Pass Dental always makes going to the dentist a pleasure. Everyone from start to finish is pleasant, helpful, and professional. Looking forward to my next 6 month visit.”

Meliza U.

12/02/2020 - Google

“Had such a great experience! Everyone was very nice and welcoming.”

Debbie G.

12/01/2020 - Google

“The experience was painless and I left very pleased.”

Barbara H.

11/20/2020 - Google

“Willow Pass Dental is a quality dental office. I have been going there for many years, and the hygienists, dentists are excellent. I’ve had several crowns in recent years, and...

Anna H.

11/20/2020 - Yelp

“Thank you Dr. Reza and Dr. Khan! Thank you for the good communication and good work on my tooth. Dr. Khan was so good at finishing my crown and made...

Mike V.

11/13/2020 - Google

“Very modern office utilizing new technologies. Excellent care and friendly service.”

Kasia M.

11/05/2020 - DemandForce

“Very professional staff with knowledge, patience, and guidance. Dr. Reza gives up his free time in helping children and adults who can’t afford dental care around the world in undeveloped...

Alexis L.

10/30/2020 - DemandForce

“Everyone there was very kind, the doctors are gentle and services are affordable. I would recommend their office.”

Rodolfo C.

10/29/2020 - DemandForce

“The staff is always super helpful and always so sweet! My kids get the best care every time we come!”


10/23/2020 - DemandForce

I’ve never liked going to the dentist, but this was one of the best experiences. I had a tooth that needed to be extracted. They did the job. No more...

Denee C.

10/22/2020 - DemandForce

I love the staff at Willow Pass Dental Care and have received great services each time I’ve been seen. I just had a broken tooth repaired with a crown and...

Erik D.

10/16/2020 - DemandForce

“I was very impressed with our visit. We were nervous as this was our first visit since Covid and initially had postponed. Friendly staff made us feel at ease. Particularly...

John D.

10/14/2020 - DemandForce

Going to this dental office is always a treat. Warm staff greet you and the dental personnel are competent, with a gentle, friendly manner. The equipment and techniques for cleanliness...

Tom S.

10/13/2020 - DemandForce

A very caring and talented team of dental professionals work here. If you are looking for a dentist for you and your family I highly recommend Willow Pass Dental Care....

Ventura G.

10/03/2020 - DemandForce

They did an excellent job!

Margaret K.

10/01/2020 - DemandForce

The staff are pleasant and knowledgeable. My dentist was really skilled. I would highly recommend.

Troy L.

09/19/2020 - DemandForce

Great place!


09/11/2020 - DemandForce

Nando, the dental hygienist did an excellent job of cleaning my teeth and all on 4. Made me feel welcome & comfortable. Very informative of how my teeth & gum...

Tammy P.

09/10/2020 - DemandForce

The front desk staff was efficient and friendly like always. The hygienist was a new for me, but she was amazing. Very gentle and very comfortable.

Rae K.

08/27/2020 - DemandForce

Great customer service, overall great service for everything and everybody that helped me.

Mary A.

08/20/2020 - DemandForce

Dr. Khan, and his medical teammate, did a fabulous job on my crown! They were considerate, informative, efficient, helpful, and totally professional. It only took 1.5 hours to complete the...

Margaret C.

08/17/2020 - DemandForce

There are no words that I can express to say how much I love everyone at Willow Pass Dental. Everyone who has ever cleaned my teeth has done an excellent...

John D.

08/16/2020 - DemandForce

Excellent service both at the front desk and with Carol, Willow Pass is great at what they do! Say hi to Chewie for me.

Ann E.

08/13/2020 - Google

My family has been a customer to Willow Pass Dental Care ( WPDC) for over a decade. I like the cleanliness of the place, the courtesy of the staff and...

Consuelo T.

08/12/2020 - DemandForce

Everyone was very attentive to details, very gentle as regards the treatment and so polite. The dentist always made sure that I was treated well and comfortable. They always made...


08/05/2020 - DemandForce

As far as pediatric dentistry goes they have always been amazing. Super fast service. Always makes my child feel comfortable and secure about visiting the dentist.

Micah B.

08/01/2020 - DemandForce

Everyone is accommodating, from front desk to dental assistants and orthodontist.

Bryanna H.

07/31/2020 - DemandForce

Always great service. The Dr. is great and the staff is great. They did an amazing job. I’m very happy.

Jay H.

07/24/2020 - Google

Very impressed with their post COVID precautions! I felt comfortable and safe while visiting them. Staff is excellent and courteous. Dr. Khan is a master of his art! Can’t praise...

Jeff H.

07/16/2020 - Facebook

Amazing that’s all I can say! Thanks Dr.Khan. Amazing work! My Veneers look amazing. Thank you so much! (click to see photo)

Kamari B.

07/14/2020 - DemandForce

The appt was for my grandson. They took great care of his teeth. He was excited to go and excited when he left.


07/03/2020 - DemandForce

Thank you! A trip to the emergency room couldn’t explain the overwhelming pressure in my head and the swelling in my neck (really, they put me on antibiotics for a...


07/02/2020 - DemandForce

Friendly staff!! Glad they’re taking covid seriously and in the best way possible.

Maggie M.

06/29/2020 - Google

I had dental work that originally was planned for earlier this year. It was done rapidly, comfortably and I felt cared for and protected for this procedure as I did...

James D.

06/26/2020 - DemandForce

Very caring and safe dentistry!

Xochitl H.

06/25/2020 - DemandForce

Great customer service!

Karen W.

06/24/2020 - DemandForce

Everyone at Willow Pass Dental Care is so nice !! Also very professional.

Alia T.

06/22/2020 - DemandForce

My visit at Willow Pass always exceeds expectations. Not only is the staff incredibly warm, friendly, and professional, the entire office feels like home. My teeth were in pretty bad...

Rodney M.

06/18/2020 - DemandForce

Really like my choice of dental office. Happy they are here. Keep up the good work.

Shana B.

06/17/2020 - DemandForce

It was a great experience everybody was very very nice and I felt very comfortable.

John T.

06/15/2020 - DemandForce

It is a pleasant atmosphere. I was greeted as soon as I walked in the door. The check-in was fast and I didn’t have to wait for outstanding service. Nando...

Marie A.

06/11/2020 - DemandForce

Always professional, courteous and family friendly at the same time.

Tom S.

06/09/2020 - DemandForce

From the moment you walk into the office, you can feel the difference. The Willow Pass Dental Care team is a talented and charismatic group that makes you feel more...

Timothy R.

06/04/2020 - DemandForce

The team is very friendly, professional, and quality work!

Abby Z.

06/03/2020 - DemandForce

Highly skilled dentists and amazing and friendly staff. They really listen to their patients and work with you regarding your dental care. The entire staff is wonderful. I’ve actually referred...

Margaret P.

05/27/2020 - DemandForce

From my first visit I could tell this office was what I was looking for interns of professionalism and individual attention.

Leticia W.

04/12/2020 - DemandForce

I love the service, the attendant Clark is very gentle and she really loves where she works. I had a toothache and saw the Dr. Reza and he was amazing,...

Elisa, patient of Willow Pass Dental Care

Elisa C.

03/31/2020 - Yelp

What a wonderful team of people working here. I made an emergency appointment with them and despite me being a new client and also despite the pandemic occurring right now,...

Brandi D.

03/16/2020 - DemandForce

Nando provided my cleaning and was so gentle (as always) but very thorough. I appreciate how he takes his time and explains things also. Great job.

Denee C.

03/14/2020 - DemandForce

Caring, attentive and professional staff. I am very pleased with Willow Pass Dental Care and the services they offer.

Ardavan K.

03/08/2020 - DemandForce

Very friendly staff and professional work, good location with plenty of parking.

Victoria, a happy patient of Willow Pass Dental Care.

Victoria S.

03/06/2020 - Google

I have extreme anxiety about going to the dentist but this place has completely gotten rid of it. Everyone is welcoming and reassuring. Dr. Reza is very skilled/talented. I felt...

James T.

03/05/2020 - DemandForce

Caring staff throughout. They will work with you to find the best outcomes.

Oscar M.

02/27/2020 - DemandForce

The entire personnel is always very welcoming, attentive, friendly. Nando, hygienist took well care of me. He is welcoming, friendly, informative and most importantly very skilled and thorough at what...

Trisha S.

02/16/2020 - DemandForce

Great staff! Awesome dentist, makes me laugh!

Denise M.

02/13/2020 - DemandForce

Awesome. Start to finish done under two hours for two crown implants. Crowns color matched perfectly and great fit. Thank you WPDC.

Consuelo T.

02/12/2020 - DemandForce

The whole crew at Willow Pass Dental Care are very cordial and prompt. They do not waste time, they move right away and make sure the patient is attended in...


02/08/2020 - Google

Amazing friendly staff, great service and always happy to accommodate. They really will make you smile 😉

Consuelo S.

02/02/2020 - DemandForce

From the first moment that I visited Willow Pass Dental Care, I noticed a big difference in the courteousness and care of the crews. The first visit was with a...

Tom S.

01/15/2020 - DemandForce

A fantastic team of professionals who really care about their patients and it shows in the quality of their work. I recommend them highly. Thank you

Glinda T.

01/13/2020 - DemandForce

Friendly and professional front office staff, clean examining room and bathrooms. Dentist appeared highly qualified and professional and answered questions and concerns I had. I love the fact that they...

Tom S.

01/10/2020 - DemandForce

A fantastic team of professionals who really care about their patients and it shows in the quality of their work.I recommend them highly. Thank you

Jenna M.

01/06/2020 - DemandForce

The staff are incredibly kind and professional.

Sheida K.

01/02/2020 - DemandForce

Dr. Reza is the best! Amazing crew!

Staci D.

12/19/2019 - DemandForce

My dental hygienist is wonderful! He really has me looking forward to cleanings, very sweet & gentle. Personable as well which goes a long way!

Rae K.

12/17/2019 - DemandForce

Very professional and kind to everyone. Had a good experience for pulling a tooth, which is not what anyone would look forward to. I am doing well and have only...

Ivy is a happy patient of Willow Pass Dental Care

Ivy R.

12/01/2019 - Yelp

I needed to find a new local dentist because I just couldn’t bring myself to drive to Oakland one more time for a teeth cleaning. One of my favorite Yelp...

Brian H.

11/29/2019 - DemandForce

Great dentist office with super friendly people. Definitely will be returning.

Loannis Z.

11/20/2019 - DemandForce

My visit was for a scheduled cleaning appointment. I have been using Willow Pass Dental for all my dental needs for many years and I am very satisfied with the...


11/13/2019 - DemandForce

We just moved to WODC and we love the affirming and uplifting feel of the total staff. The dentists that my husband and I each had were very thorough and...

Christina D.

11/09/2019 - DemandForce

Staff are very friendly. Nando is very thorough and his hands are very light. He made sure that I’ll go home happy and satisfied with my teeth. I’ll always recommend...

Denise M.

11/06/2019 - DemandForce

My appointment with Dr. Khan was great. Two new crowns made in house and I was finished in less than 2 hours. All your staff was great from me having...

Juanita B.

11/04/2019 - DemandForce

Friendly dentists, hygienists, and administrative staff. Provide clarification when needed. I am pleased with my dental work (crowns) and hygiene care. They are familiar with my dental plan which I...

Annie A.


I have been to so many Dentists and this is the best place to go! I have had many different procedures done at Willow Pass Dental. I have had other...

Lily G.

10/29/2019 - Yelp

Dr. Reza is truly a miracle worker. I have been a patient of his for over a year now for an extensive and complicated case. Dr. Reza and his office...

Bryan K.

10/20/2019 - DemandForce

Great environment and reception! The quality of both the dentist and the hygienist were the best I have experienced. The use of current technology to reduce wait time and increase...

Dorothy G.

10/16/2019 - DemandForce

Very courteous staff with a willingness to be flexible in scheduling to attend to emergent situations.

Pamela R.

10/11/2019 - DemandForce

Friendly, professional, and equipped with state of the art technology.

Katrena M.

10/10/2019 - DemandForce

Great place for dental care and a warm friendly staff!

John B.

10/03/2019 - DemandForce

I have more crowns than the Romanov’s, but the experience was great and the process smooth. Thanks!

Ann A.

10/01/2019 - DemandForce

Not only is the dental work excellent at Willow Pass — the people are wonderful !! Every single person is so friendly and welcoming. I actually look forward to going...


09/04/2019 - DemandForce

Dr. Reza, dental hygienist, dental assistant & the rest off the staff are very nice and extremely confident in their work. and very caring.

Kevin M.

09/02/2019 - DemandForce

Painless, day 3 and 0 discomfort! Best dental experience ever. Dr. was easy to talk to and very confident in what he does.

Craig R.

09/02/2019 - DemandForce

It never feels like a dentist visit. Everyone is awesome.


08/22/2019 - DemandForce

Dr. Reza, dental hygienist, dental assistant & the rest off the staff are very nice and extremely confident in their work. and very caring.

Nicholas R.

08/18/2019 - DemandForce

Everyone is always very nice and the dentist always lets you know what is going on.

William G.

08/09/2019 - DemandForce

Great place, they offer insurance for people without it. Friendly staff, very communicative. I can’t imagine getting a crown or dental implant anywhere else.

Mark R.

08/01/2019 - Google

Awesome crew that always smiles and are very friendly. I had braces that they put on for me and made my teeth better in only a matter of months. I...

Brandi D.

07/26/2019 - DemandForce

I recently had Nando as my Hygenist and it was a wonderful experience. He was knowledgeable and very, very gentle. I would highly recommend him and this clinic. I’ve been...

Navad H.

07/23/2019 - Google

Very good experience. Highly recommended. Keep us the good work.

Naved H.

07/22/2019 - Google

Very good experience. Highly recommended. Keep up the good work.

Gloria P.

07/04/2019 - Yelp

Wow!  If you want a thorough cleaning of your teeth, Shabnam does an excellent job.  The tartar tends to build up on my teeth quickly.  She’s a very thorough hygienist,...

Willow Pass Dental Care patient John D.

John D.

06/26/2019 - Yelp

I went in first for a regular checkup & cleaning, then a root canal the following week. The front desk staff, my hygienist, primary dentist, and endodontist were all experienced...

Michael, patient of Willow Pass Dental Care

Michael M.

06/21/2019 - Google

I have nothing but positive things to say about my experiences at Willow Pass Dental Care. I was very comfortable during my procedure and received tremendous bedside treatment. Cynthia, specifically,...

Avelino D.

06/10/2019 - DemandForce

I have been to many dental offices before but Willow Pass Dental Care by far is the best I’ve been to. They treat you like family very helpful and understanding...

Chelsea D.

05/15/2019 - Google

The service here is great and the person who makes my experience so awesome is Shabi! She is so personable, remembering my last visit and giving me great oral health...

Vikram B.

05/14/2019 - Google

They diagnose your teeth very well.

Suzanne N.

05/10/2019 - Google

We’ve been patients of Willow Pass Dental Care for more than five years. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the customer service and overall dental and orthodontia care. I find...

Grace S.

05/10/2019 - DemandForce

I was pleased with the entire experience. Everything was so professionally coordinated, the root canal first and the crown second, and no discomfort at all. Very successful! I would highly...

Rod J.

05/08/2019 - DemandForce

I’ve had a lot of dental work over the years through a lot of different dental offices, and these guys are the best of the bunch, top notch. I’ve seen...

James T.

04/27/2019 - DemandForce

The front desk and staff are open, friendly and effective. I feel like we’re one big happy family. The use of the latest modern equipment in building veneers, crowns, and...

Jerry A.

04/15/2019 - DemandForce

We are so grateful for the very professional, knowledgeable, and thoughtful attention we have received from the entire staff at Willow Pass. What a pleasure to have so much confidence...

Soha N. – Calabasas, CA

04/08/2019 - Yelp

I’ve been at a dentist for as long as I can remember! Yes! I have that type of teeth not great ones !!! I’ve been there done that. Now as...

Zoriy M.

04/03/2019 - Yelp

I recently became a patient at Willow Pass Dental in Concord, Ca. And let me start off by saying I am no longer terrified of going in to see the...

Keely W. – Pleasant Hill, CA

04/03/2019 - Yelp

My Uncle retired after being my dentist for over 27+ years, which made it hard for me to trust other dentists. It had been over 2 years since I had...

Judy B. – Fairfield, CA

03/01/2019 - Yelp

I just want to say that Dr. Reza and his staff are amazing! My husband and I have been researching all over the bay area for a dental professional that...

Rae K.

02/10/2019 - DemandForce

From the moment I walked into the building to when I exited the building I had excellent care. The gals in the office are all wonderful and friendly. The dentist...

Ashley U.

01/24/2019 - DemandForce

As always the experience at Willow Pass Dental Care was amazing! Both times I have gone I have left pain free as well as no continuing pain in the days...

Paul R.

01/02/2019 - DemandForce

Excellent experience as usual. Office is clean and professional in appearance. Lobby support staff very professional, immediately greeted me when I entered and knew my name. My hygienist Shabby was...

April G.

12/28/2018 - Yelp

My dentist home, professional, hilariously funny, and knows his stuff.  I would like to add he gave me a pain-free procedure.  Everyone in the office is above average.

Lisa S.

12/27/2018 - Google

I have had extreme tooth sensitivity (cold, heat, pressure, and touch) for over a decade, and Willow Pass Dental Care has been the only facility I have found with an...

Michelle G.

12/19/2018 - Yelp

I am very impressed w/this office. They are very warm and welcoming. My daughter and I have been receiving treatment from this office for several years. They always greet us...

Eunice M.

12/13/2018 - Yelp

Omg this place is god-sent. From the front door the atmosphere is so welcoming the staff goes above & beyond to make you comfortable, then you meet Dr. Reza who...

Linda F.

12/12/2018 - Google

One of the best experiences ever at a dental office. Shabnam Sharifi really listens to me and made me very comfortable. I would recommend this state of the art dental...

Ronnie L.

12/05/2018 - Yelp

We love this dental group!!! My daughter was severely afraid of dental visits prior to switching to Willow Pass Dental Care. She now wants to hang out and chat after...

Alia T. – Concord, CA

12/04/2018 - Yelp

I should have updated this review after I had my first major procedure with Willow Pass successfully, here I am preparing to have my second procedure and wanted to share...

Sarah V.

12/01/2018 - Google

All of the staff are very caring! The receptionists always welcome us and give us special care. The prizes are fantastic for my kids, and they have never thought of...

Angel S.

10/30/2018 - DemandForce

Excellent customer service, the doctors are great and understand your needs, this is the best dentist I’ve ever been to not just for service for myself but for my children...

Rita R.

10/05/2018 - DemandForce

The hygienist, Shah, has MAGICAL touch. This entire year, her deep cleaning, for the first time in my life (I am 54) since age 23, to not have any cavity...

Kris G.

09/24/2018 - Google

Came in for a crown. Despite the uncooperative machinery and emergencies the staff was pleasant, kind & courteous. Not rushing me threw. When it was my turn, the doctor was...

Alexis B.

08/12/2018 - Google

Dr. Luz Adriana Cuellar is the most exceptional medical professional that I have ever encountered. She (handled) my daughter’s tricky dental needs with expertise and compassion. Her front office and...

David H.

07/21/2018 - Google

Had a 25 year old crown replaced. They were considerate, attentive and detail-oriented. My new crown fits great and I enjoyed the two hour visit.

Jenna M.

05/24/2018 - Google

Gentle, empathetic, thorough and honest. I’m looking forward to making them my dentist for years to come.

Joe, patient of Willow Pass Dental Care

Joe R.

09/20/2017 - Google

Meghan, at the front desk, did an amazing job making my daughter and I feel welcome on our visit today. She provided great customer service and was very helpful and...

Rey A.

08/23/2017 - Google

I haven’t been to the dentist in years because of my prior dental experiences. However, when I went to Willow Pass Dental, my view changed. I had a good experience...

Peter T.

08/01/2017 - Google

Wonderful people to deal with, friendly, professional and above all, I consider they are my FRIENDS!

Ken F.

07/11/2017 - Google

Dr. Reza is wonderful, very patient, gentle working on teeth and just a super nice person, he is the best I’ve ever had working on my dental needs. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED...

Irene M.

07/05/2017 - Google

I have been going to Willow Pass Dental Care (formerly DentalSpecialty) since 2006. I have always received great care from the front desk, to my caring dental hygienist Shabnam Sharifi,...

John M.

06/20/2017 - Google

Recently was in for a scheduled visit with the Dental Hygienist. As with every interaction I have had over the years the staff was very courteous and professional. I can...

Amir K.

05/31/2017 - Google

I had a very good experience with Willow Pass Dental Care with Dr. Reza’s staff and the quality of work he has done on my teeth.

Mayra N.

05/24/2017 - Google

I have been going to Willow Pass Dental Care for a couple of years. I have received great care and feel that they truly care. During my last appointment they...

Jannine H. – Concord, CA

05/08/2017 - DemandForce

I have never had such a good experience at a dentist office until now. Every single person I dealt with was so friendly, nice, and welcoming! Also, they were prompt...

Kianna E. – Concord, CA

04/27/2017 - DemandForce

My daughter has major dental anxiety from past treatments but the new Pediatric Dentist was amazing to her! Kind, loving, reassuring and very patient with my daughter. Made the whole...

Angela R. – Concord

03/02/2017 - DemandForce

The hygienist Carol was wonderful and made me very comfortable, also the receptionist Tiffany was very friendly. Maria explained my insurance information well.

John G. – Concord, CA


The competence, friendliness, and professionalism of Dr. Khazaie’s staff is far above anything I have ever seen in my 50 years of going to dentists.

Mariam N. – Walnut Creek, CA

02/17/2017 - DemandForce

Dr. Khazaie treats each and every one of his patients with the same gentle, caring attitude and superb professionalism. I am always bowled over with his kindness and generosity. The...

Camille B. – Martinez, CA

02/14/2017 - DemandForce

I am endlessly grateful to Dr. Khazaie for his wonderful kindness, attention, and assistance to me with my broken teeth and infection. You are a fantastic dental team!

Suji R. – Concord, CA

01/26/2017 - Yelp

Very satisfied and grateful to both Dr. Reza Khazaie and hygienist Nancy as well as the front office and endodontics staff. Dr. R’s calm manner and willingness to explain each...

Jenifer S. – San Ramon, CA

01/17/2017 - DemandForce

After years and years of inferior dental work, I finally found Dr. Reza Khazaie. He not only corrected and repaired previous dental mistakes but has improved the appearance of my...

Jennifer B.

12/21/2016 - Google

If I could give this place ten stars, I would. Assume each of the five is equal to two and that’ll work. Due to a very bad experience with a...

Franklin M.

12/16/2016 - Google

This place is amazing they have great customer service I felt really comfortable and their dental work was quick and painless. Great place to go!

Murray, patient of Willow Pass Dental Care


12/09/2016 - Google

Going to be honest, I greatly dislike going to the dentist. For me, this was as good as a trip to the dentist could have gone. Dr. Khazaie was professional,...

Chance F.

12/09/2016 - Google

This place is awesome! I had a root canal recently done by Dr.Amanda and it feels soo much better. I have also been taking my kids here for years and...

Yasmin K. – San Ramon, CA

12/08/2016 - Yelp

My friend told me about Dr. Khazaie, she loved his work. I went their office and Dr. Khazaie did my implant. I’m so happy and love my tooth. After that...

Krystal S.

12/07/2016 - Google

Friendly staff, great doctors, great experience. I have been going here for years and never plan on changing dentists!

Patient of Willow Pass Dental Care

Denise M. – Walnut Creek, CA

04/24/2016 - Yelp

I love this dental office. The hygienist is fantastic and extremely sweet the front office staff is the best and very well trained. The assistant, Nancy is Exceptional in her professionalism....

Veronica G. – Concord, CA

02/24/2016 - Yelp

We have been going to this dentist for years. The service and care they provide is exceptionally good. Everything is very clean and neat. They always greet us with a...

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