4 Keys to Successful Dental Implants

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Successful Dental Implants

Nature, genetics, and circumstances often conspire to damage our teeth. Thanks to advances in dental implant technologies, patients can now receive life-like replacement teeth that look and feel just like real teeth. Dental implant therapy is a staple of the cosmetic dentistry industry. Hundreds of thousands of dental implants are placed every year to treat edentulism, tooth loss, severe tooth decay, dental damage, deformity, as well as aesthetics. As a result, thousands of patients including patients in the Concord, California area who would have had to live with their dental conditions have the ability to now obtain perfect and beautiful teeth.

While dental implants have become relatively common in cosmetic dentistry, not every dentist or dental clinic can provide patients with the professional results and long-lasting new teeth they seek. Many dental chains and clinics that offer dental implant services are decidedly unqualified in spite of their services that list dental implants. More often than not many of these dental facilities are not staffed with the right dental professionals, lack the training, or perform minimal dental implant surgeries to be providing such a significant service. As a result, patients can be left with a poorly executed dental implant procedure, improper fitting, or restorations that fracture and break too soon.

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“Remember a good prosthodontist not only has knowledge but has immense skill and talent. Therefore I suggest you review several case studies.”


4 Keys To Successful Dental Implants

1. Choose a Professional – Go to a Prosthodontist.

In addition to training and skills, experience and qualifications mean a lot. To that end, patients will want to find a Prosthodontist. A prosthodontist is an elite “specialist dentist” who has completed extensive training beyond dental school and specializes in the planning, fabrication, and placement of dental prosthetics.

Dental implant procedures, along with All On 4 dental implants and full mouth reconstruction, would fall under the purview of a prosthodontist. According to The American Dental Association, there are 3,500 practicing prosthodontists in the U.S.

Dental implant procedures executed by a prosthodontist have a much higher probability of success than a general dentist or national dental center. After all, prosthodontists have spent a good portion of their careers studying, observing, supervising, and executing dental implant procedures. Prosthodontists are also known to have the most in-depth, up-to-date, and cutting-edge technology, knowledge, techniques, methods, and ideas around dental implants.

Dr. Reza Khazaie of Willow Pass Dental Care is a board-certified and licensed prosthodontist. Under his leadership and supervision, every patient receives the treatment plan, care, and attention they deserve from our team of elite dental professionals.

2. Look for a Prosthodontist with a history of producing beautiful, aesthetic results.

When evaluating prosthodontists, I recommend the following:

  • Remember, a good prosthodontist not only has knowledge but has immense skill and talent. Therefore I suggest you review several case studies.
  • Check out recent before and after photos. Are the results stunning? If not, move on.
  • Check out current patient reviews and ratings. I recommend checking Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Do you see plenty of 5-star ratings? If not, that is a warning.
  • Check out what the Prosthodontist writes about. Is the content helpful? If so, it’s a good sign the prosthodontist communicates well.

Don’t take risks with the long-term aesthetics and health of your teeth; get the right prosthodontist. Avoid the hype of national dental implant centers — it’s important to get the right prosthodontist.

3. Make sure the facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Of course, world-class medical talent and elite dental staff are just two essential components of a successful dental implant procedure. Another critical ingredient for success is the condition, age, and operation of the facility and dental equipment. It goes without saying that patients should opt for dental clinics that own and operate the latest, most advanced dental equipment on site. A world-class facility with all the best tools and equipment will ensure a smooth operation with minimal downtime and the most accurate results.

Technology can enhance and complement dental implant procedures. A clinic with access to CT-scanning equipment as opposed to traditional x-ray machines can, for example, produce better, more accurate, higher fidelity diagnostic images that can help avoid potential complications and make the insertion of dental implants as precise as possible.

Also, state-of-the-art equipment like the CERAC uses 3D technology that produces cosmetic crowns in about one hour.  This technology can save hours and fit crowns in a single appointment rather than over multiple appointments.

Likewise, a clinic working with dated equipment, or more dangerously dated techniques and operating procedures, will more than likely produce wildly varying results.

Don’t take chances with your teeth. Choose a dental facility with the latest and greatest technology, equipment, and operating procedures.

4. Follow your treatment plan.

While the success of any dental implant procedure is very much in the hands of the prosthodontist and dental staff in charge of executing the procedure, once a patient has left the facility, the continuing health and longevity of their new teeth continue. Like natural teeth, dental implants require routine maintenance and dental care.

Patients should continue to brush and floss their new replacement teeth just as they would their natural ones. Likewise, patients should continue to go for a routine check-up once or twice a year to ensure alignment and make necessary adjustments. A prosthodontist will also want to ensure there are no health concerns with the gums or prosthetics.

Without consistent postoperative care, problems with dental implants have a chance of occurring. Mucositis, or bleeding as a result of not caring for dental implants, is one result. In severe neglect cases, irreversible bone loss resulting from a condition is known as peri-implantitis may also occur. These conditions aren’t appealing and can be avoided with adequate treatment planning.

You found the right prosthodontist at Willow Pass Dental Care.

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