Dental implants are, without question, the most resilient, longest lasting, and best-looking solution for replacing a missing tooth or several teeth. Here’s what you need to know:

Every single day at Willow Pass Dental Care we execute flawless implant replacements for our patients experiencing missing teeth. We also receive many inquiries from current and prospective patients wanting to learn more about our treatment plan for replacing missing teeth. A common question we receive is “Why dental implants?” That question is typically followed by “What are the benefits of a dental implant?” and “Why should I choose dental implants?”

Let me answer those questions here.

Why Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the preferred solution for missing teeth, particularly for patients with individual missing teeth, for a variety of practical, aesthetic, and medical reasons. The functionality of dental implants is simply unmatched by other teeth-replacement strategies.

Dental implants are physically embedded into a patient’s underlying jawbone and osseointegrated into place. What this means is that the implant becomes a natural extension of the bone itself. This offers many benefits for our patients from unmatched stability, to resilience, to wear and tear, and a better mouthfeel.

From an aesthetic standpoint, dental implants are very difficult to tell apart from natural teeth. A well-crafted crown and a skillfully executed implant procedure can, with a little gum recontouring if necessary, look 100 percent like the real deal. More importantly, dental implants replace the roots of natural teeth thereby letting the body know to retain bone strength and density in the jaws. This is important for aesthetic and beauty reasons. Implants help preserve bone mass allowing for a younger, fuller looking face.

Dental implants allow patients to live as they did before the loss of their teeth. Implant crowns and the implants itself act as functional replacements to natural teeth. The crown replaces the visible portion of the teeth while the implant serves as its roots.

Reasons To Choose Dental Implants

  • Maintaining jaw bone health is a priority

  • Superior longevity and resilience are important

  • Excellent mouthfeel is important

  • Superior stability is important

  • Better, natural functionality is a concern

  • Cost is not the primary concern

  • Minor surgery is acceptable

Why should I choose dental implants?

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Dental implants are the gold standard for those who would like to attain a particular standard of beauty, functionality, and durability. They have become a standard cosmetic dental procedure. Implants often can be completed in just one day by a Prosthodontist who is a specialist in cosmetic dentistry.

Reasons NOT To Choose Dental Implants

  • Your overall health is fragile

  • Cost is the major concern

  • Minor surgery is not permissible

Should I or shouldn’t I get dental implants?

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Dental implants are the ideal choice for replacing missing teeth. However, each patient’s needs, desires, and budget are different. If dental implants are within your budget, they should be your first choice. If dental implants are not financially feasible, there are other less costly alternatives you may consider.

Additionally, some elderly patients who without adequate existing jawbone structures may find dental implants to be unnecessary or unattainable without bone grafts.

Ultimately, whether or not to get dental implants is a personal choice that should be made after consulting with a prosthodontist. Balancing the need for longevity with other significant concerns such as financial feasibility and aesthetics will help triangulate the best cosmetic options based on your needs.

At Willow Pass Dental Care, we offer several teeth-replacement strategies based on different budgets and treatment plans. The application of cosmetic dentistry is unique to each patient. What may work perfectly for one patient may not be ideal for another. That’s what sets us apart from your typical dental clinic or dental chain – we care about providing the best functional and aesthetic results for you.

4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering Dental Implants

  • 1

    Do I have adequate jaw bone depth or will I need a bone graft?

  • 2

    Do I have the funds or dental insurance coverage for dental implants?

  • 3

    Did I select a Prosthodontist whose specialty is cosmetic dentistry?

  • 4

    Am I willing to invest a little more up front for by far superior functionality, aesthetics, and resilience?