Chelsea came to Willow Pass Dental Care after she and her husband had weighed the pros and cons of dental implants. They had already spent a lot of money on her teeth and anticipated more expense as her teeth continued to deteriorate because of her autoimmune disease. They wanted to find a more permanent solution.

Chelsea said it felt like the right choice to get dental implants.

Dr. Reza Khazaie tells patients that dental implants are a big investment, so a patient needs to get the best value for that investment.

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“I used to have aches in my teeth every day. I would have a tooth that would hurt for no reason. I don’t have to wory about that anymore — EVER!”


Choosing The Right Doctor

Chelsea says, “Dr. Reza is wonderful. He is very kind. He is very compassionate. I have an autoimmune disease, and I take a lot of medication, so my teeth have always been bad, but Dr. Reza does not make you feel like it’s something you’ve done to create a problem. My body is sick, so it has to come out some way, and he understands and is so compassionate.”

Dr. Reza’s Goal

Dental Implants Changed My Life

Dr. Reza says being in a dental chair is not the most comfortable place to be, so his goal, and the goal of his staff, is to make that experience easy and comfortable. When the patient is comfortable, Dr. Reza says he is comfortable, and the outcome is beautiful teeth.

Chelsea says, “The great thing about the whole experience is I get to customize my own mouth, and it’s pretty awesome.”

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Every Patient Receives A Customized Treatment Plan

Dr. Reza says each treatment plan is customized to every single patient, considering the way that they live, their age, and their jaw and bone structure.

Ongoing Care

“We want to make sure we give the best value to their investment. As soon as the patient’s treatment plan is done, we bring the patient back every six months to make sure that everything stays healthy and well. We want to make sure that their teeth last a long time,” says Dr. Reza.

A Better Lifestyle

Chelsea says she used to have aches in her teeth every day. She would have a tooth that would hurt for no reason. “I don’t have to worry about that anymore — EVER!” she says.

She had bad breath because her mouth was so dry from all the medication she had to take as well as from her decaying teeth. She always carried gum to combat the bad breath, and at the same time, would always worry that a crown would fall off while she was chewing. But now she has no more worries about bad breath.

“Opening my mouth and speaking to people, I was very self-conscious because I had a cracked tooth and a lot of silver fillings, but now I’m not as self-conscious because it doesn’t look bad inside my mouth anymore,” she says.

Maintenance and Care

Chelsea says taking care of her beautiful new teeth isn’t hard at all, and just uses a waterpik.

What Chelsea Says About Dr. Reza Khazaie

Dr. Reza Khazaie talking with patient about dental implants

Chelsea says, “Dr. Reza is very compassionate and very passionate about what he does — and he cares.”

When asked to sum up her experience, she says, “Dental implants can help you, and they change your life.”